PLEASE! I Just Want a Good Gym…

I understand that the school gym is not perfect like the gym from other schools because of Thomas Fire. Part of our campus has been burned, therefore, our gym has to move out to the small place behind the bathroom so we have enough room for classes. The mud covers all the equipment in the gym and the smell of the rusted dumbbell makes the atmosphere in the gym more like a “real” gym. However, the maintenance is really bad, the number of people and the direct sun cause all the equipment to rust and break. Last week, one of my friends went to the gym and he literally got hurt when doing the bench press; the bracket of the bench broke. Although weightlifting is not a competitive sport like basketball and soccer, the school should be still taking the weight lifter seriously. Not many students want to become a bodybuilder, but there are a few who are serious about fitness. 

The purpose of doing fitness is not only want to have a good body shape but also to build a good lifestyle; a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to have a regular routine of eating, sleeping, and working out. Eating too much protein powder and meat will only break your body, therefore, finding the balance of eating vegetables and meat is really important to become healthier and stronger. The only way to get stronger is to keep working out, and the use of having a long good sleep is to let the muscle rest and let it rebuild to a stronger muscle.

If you are curious about my workout routine here it is:






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What is in my gym bag

Here’s an overview of what I typically bring to gym.

My gym bag

My gym bag is just a regular ole plain black backpack. Nothing crazy special about it. Gets the job done, can hold more than expected.


My weight belt

I recently purchased this weight belt and am in love with it. I feel very safe and secure when using it. The quality of the leather is definitely noticeable compared to my former weight belt.


My wrist wraps

This is easily my favorite item in my gym bag. These wraps have saved my life a couple of times. I can also move some heavy ass weight when using these.

rist Wraps - ethos

Massage Ball

My Hyperice Hypersphere is flipping amazing. It has 3 different power settings and I use it almost everyday. Using this allows for smooth and quick recovery after a brutal leg day. Below is a product similar to one I own, google is being a pain in my butt and not letting me insert an image of my exact massage ball.

Vibrating Ball | Black Phoenix Ball+ | Official Site– PHOENIX


Some of my gym bag accessories in water bottles, resistance bands, fatgripz, and a gatorade towl. I’ll use these items a couple times a week but not on a daily basis – hence these falling into the “accessory” category of my gym bag.


I use Gorilla Mode by Gorilla Mind. This pre-workout is most likely not good for my health and longevity. When is use this pre-workout my lifts go crazzzzzy. However I plan on switching pre-workouts in the near future.



Burpees – a kind of cardio exercise people do to strengthen their heart and burn their fat. Today, I started doing burpees again.

It’s a kind of workout that requires you to first do a push-up, then jump, do another push-up, jump again… The repetition of push-ups and jumping is going to accelerate your heart beat, therefore getting rid of your fat through breathing and at the same time, improve your heart conditions. 

However, burpees are hard, at least harder than jogging. In a small amount of time, you could be trying to catch your breath. While the high-intensity of the burpees is considered unnecessary for cardio by some, others like myself believe in hard-work—that hard-work should exhaust you.

Other cardio workouts have proven to be sufficient for fat-burning, such as jogging, rowing, cycling, jumping rope, even HIIT. Nevertheless, I believe in burpees. I’ve been doing burpees for about 5 years now, every now and then I would stop and jog, sometimes they are simply put aside or replaced by other workouts… but I’ll never forget about burpees.

Today I started doing burpees again, it brings me nostalgia while takes away the fat.

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When I look in the mirror, that is all I see.  Fat everywhere.  I always look down and wonder how I got like this.

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Over the summer, I worked out every day and ate well.  People could actually see the difference and I was happy.

Now, I sit in my dorm doing nothing but gaining weight.  I can’t even look at my prom photos because of all the fat I see on myself.

My friends and boyfriend don’t understand what I mean when I say I am fat.  Somehow they don’t see it, but that’s all I see.

I mean, maybe I am the problem.  Maybe my brain is messed up and that’s why I see myself the way I do.  I have never been able to see myself as anything but fat since fifth grade.  But, now, when I look back I know that was never true, so maybe I can only ever see myself as fat no matter what I do.

I wish I could look at myself and just see how I truly am to everyone else around me.

Maybe this summer once I go back to the gym everything will be different, but I don’t know if I will ever really see what I look like when I look in the mirror.

Time To Get Fit!

It’s that time of the year, that time when I push my body to the point of exhaustion in the gym on a daily basis in order to achieve a nice fit look for summer. Time to hit the weights and jump that rope, eat less junk and run like a mad man.

I had the pleasure of being trained by one of the most incredible people and amazing personal trainers I have ever met this last summer.

Yes that is him, he has modeled for various companies and contrary to what most people believe he has never done any steroids or any kind of enhancing to get his body to where it is today. His name is Modu Seye, he was born in West Africa and his way of being and view on life and health is what keeps ME Moduvated.

He started his own company called Moduvated (clever right?! haha) a couple years ago and has gone as far as creating his own protein called Moduvated Greentine!

Aside from being an amazing personal trainer, Modu is also one of the most thoughtful human beings in this world.

So I’m writing this blog to say thank you to him and encourage everyone else out there in reading my blog to get out and work out every day for a little bit and care about themselves and their health.