What is in my gym bag

Here’s an overview of what I typically bring to gym.

My gym bag

My gym bag is just a regular ole plain black backpack. Nothing crazy special about it. Gets the job done, can hold more than expected.

pc: Amazon.com

My weight belt

I recently purchased this weight belt and am in love with it. I feel very safe and secure when using it. The quality of the leather is definitely noticeable compared to my former weight belt.

pc: ubuy.com

My wrist wraps

This is easily my favorite item in my gym bag. These wraps have saved my life a couple of times. I can also move some heavy ass weight when using these.

rist Wraps - ethos
pc: shape.com

Massage Ball

My Hyperice Hypersphere is flipping amazing. It has 3 different power settings and I use it almost everyday. Using this allows for smooth and quick recovery after a brutal leg day. Below is a product similar to one I own, google is being a pain in my butt and not letting me insert an image of my exact massage ball.

Vibrating Ball | Black Phoenix Ball+ | Official Site– PHOENIX
pc: hyper-phoenix.com


Some of my gym bag accessories in water bottles, resistance bands, fatgripz, and a gatorade towl. I’ll use these items a couple times a week but not on a daily basis – hence these falling into the “accessory” category of my gym bag.


I use Gorilla Mode by Gorilla Mind. This pre-workout is most likely not good for my health and longevity. When is use this pre-workout my lifts go crazzzzzy. However I plan on switching pre-workouts in the near future.

pc: gorillamind.com

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