Chicken Tender Concerns

I awoke on this fine morning to news of a nationwide chicken tender shortage. Essentially, a lot of processing is involved in the production of chicken tenders. Pair this with the global supply chain as backed up as it is and you get a shortage.

The first thing I thought of is how funny this is gonna be for picky eaters. Personally, I am the opposite of a picky eater and will eat just about anything but many people I know are “chicken tender” people. The type of people who go to a restaurant and order chicken tenders off the kid’s menu. This is a laughable trait, I understand having a specific food once in a while, but people who do it for every meal mesmerize me. I can’t imagine what will be going through a chicken tender person’s head when faced with actually having to pick something other than the golden sticks.

It’s not only picky tender freaks who are affected, but also restaurants. Recently in Los Angeles, there has been a boom of hot chicken restaurants. From Dave’s to Kluckin Chicken to Sweet Chick to Side Chick, the onslaught of restaurants that have been created out of this fad is ridiculous. They already struggle with competition, but now they will struggle to keep producing their food as all of these places have form kind of chicken: tenders.

It is left to be seen how the tender shortage will play out. Will the country divulge into anarchy? Will “tender people” cease to exist? Will my sister find a new food that she likes?

I guess we just have to find out.

PC: Guy Fieri’s tenders

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