Customer Anecdotes

I have worked part-time at a restaurant every week for over a year now, and I’ve met some pretty funny people that I’m about to expose.

Literally last night a lady came in holding a chicken. She told me she carried this chicken everywhere because her other chickens bullied this one. Also, she ordered a chicken dish.

That same night a really tall, old guy came in and ordered yelling across the room, he was so loud. He had some kind of thick accent, so it was hard to tell what he was saying. After I asked him to repeat himself just once, he got just got fed up and stormed out. To be honest, I was relieved he left.

There are way more stories, eccentric people aren’t uncommon encounters when you work at a restaurant. Realizing that so many kinds of people just exist that are so different from what you’re used to is strange. It made me realize how sheltered I am.


Chicken Tender Concerns

I awoke on this fine morning to news of a nationwide chicken tender shortage. Essentially, a lot of processing is involved in the production of chicken tenders. Pair this with the global supply chain as backed up as it is and you get a shortage.

The first thing I thought of is how funny this is gonna be for picky eaters. Personally, I am the opposite of a picky eater and will eat just about anything but many people I know are “chicken tender” people. The type of people who go to a restaurant and order chicken tenders off the kid’s menu. This is a laughable trait, I understand having a specific food once in a while, but people who do it for every meal mesmerize me. I can’t imagine what will be going through a chicken tender person’s head when faced with actually having to pick something other than the golden sticks.

It’s not only picky tender freaks who are affected, but also restaurants. Recently in Los Angeles, there has been a boom of hot chicken restaurants. From Dave’s to Kluckin Chicken to Sweet Chick to Side Chick, the onslaught of restaurants that have been created out of this fad is ridiculous. They already struggle with competition, but now they will struggle to keep producing their food as all of these places have form kind of chicken: tenders.

It is left to be seen how the tender shortage will play out. Will the country divulge into anarchy? Will “tender people” cease to exist? Will my sister find a new food that she likes?

I guess we just have to find out.

PC: Guy Fieri’s tenders

There goes reality

Last friday, a brand new video game game out, The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim was released.  It is the fifth game in the huge RPG series based on the fantasy province of Tamriel.

One of the best things about this game is the vast amount of things one can do.  For instance killing a chicken becomes a moral dilemma that will usually follow by a mob of angry townsmen.  One could also become a dragon slaying enemy infested spelunker

I have now logged about 22 hours of play time and I have only completed about 14% percent of the game.  You could literally spend hours just wondering around the game going from the wind-swept peaks to the deep marshes.

Basically this is the one game to rule them all. Period.

KFC catastrophe.

Some things are truly peculiar, I often wonder how some stories manage to gain fame and publicity from the news. It truly baffles me.

In fact in the last few days a news story has been published on the BBC England website that makes me wonder just this. Yes it made me laugh, yes it’s entertaining but surely there are more important incidents to report in the world.

“Live chicken thrown at KFC staff in Nuneaton”

We all know the fast food restaurant KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Advertised for selling real meat and priding itself for it’s well-trained and experienced chefs as well as nutritious tasty food. In the last few days one of these shops became a target for pranksters.

Inconveniently a group of “lads” threw a live chicken in the open window of one of the establishments. Thinking it would be a bit of a laugh. They were wrong.

Although advertised as supplying real chicken, the teens obviously doubted their culinary expertise of the chefs, aiming to prove how in fact staff had no experience with the real stuff.

Filming themselves they have now become a target for the RSPCA and other animal right’s groups. What was meant to be a funny prank has now transformed into a serious issue.

Although this may seem extremely comical we should also take a moment to think about the chicken. How did she feel? I’m sure she was very panicked realizing she was being made into a fast food treat rather than a luxury item, but you never know she may have loved the opportunity to reunite with some old friends.

Although she survived, she did suffer some distress. Poor chicken.

The crime in action: