Camping, Here We Come!!!

Last year, I went camping with third graders for three days. It was a lot of work, but tons fun. I got to miss three days of school hanging out at the beach everyday and just being a kid again. Who couldn’t love that? Well the reason why I mention this is because I get another amazing opportunity to go with the third graders again. I am leaving tomorrow (Wednesday, October 2, 2012) and will be back on Friday. I’m actually really excited to go. It is nice to take a little break from school that is longer than two days. I’m going to miss my friends and my lovely horse, but it will only be three days. Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone! I’ll write all about it on Friday or Saturday!

Oh and I don’t have any pictures yet because, well I haven’t gone yet, so here is a picture of a cat.


One thought on “Camping, Here We Come!!!

  1. Our daughter, an energetic know-it-all OVS third-grader, popped up from her bed this morning at an uncharacteristically early hour with a big smile and announced in a perky voice how she had forced herself to sleep because she was so excited for her camp trip. She also noted how fun it was going to be because YOU were on the trip, moustache girl. Then she grabbed a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast (just like her dad) and giggled as she bounded out the front door to start her three-day two-night adventure camping at the beach. So, Moustachulous, know what a great role model you are for these young girls. I couldn’t be happier that you’re part of their journey.

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