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The most exciting thing I have done over this thanksgiving break was seeing my favorite movie – The Twilight Saga. After I read the books, since the first one – The Twilight in 2008, I’ve been deeply obsessed by this … Continue reading

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The majority of you have probably never heard of a man named Sixto Rodriguez. Neither had I until a couple days ago. Sixto Rodriguez was born July 10, 1942, in Detroit, Michigan. His parents, immigrants from Mexico, named him Sixto … Continue reading

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I’ve a great, and unquenchable love for peppermint. As a kid, I’d always grab the green and black swirly dinner mints at restaurants, a classmate having told me the red and white ones would make my eyes bleed. But one fateful … Continue reading

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The Plan

The plan so far is to not grow up But to grow grey wrinkled and old The difference between the two Is there But you must find it for yourself

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The Happiest Place on Earth

So, much like a fellow writer, I too took a trip to Disneyland this past weekend. It has been about a year since I had been to Disneyland, and I was glad I got the chance to go. We left … Continue reading

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The Boss

We sat at the top of the stadium, with a clear view of the stage and the thousands of fans surrounding it. A grandfather, walking up the stairs with his two grand-kids, who couldn’t be more than four years old. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dog Adventures

Alright guys I’m really coming up with nothing to entertain, but if you like dogs enjoy these pictures. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Click the link ^^^ , but don’t listen to the message it is portraying. Turkey is … Continue reading

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