Random Disney Trip

As I write this, we are about to leave for a day long trip to Disney. These past couple days away from school have been filled with excitement, heartbreak but most of all, FOOD!

Yesterday we found a place in La Jolla that advertises the sale of a cheesesteak. Before yesterday, the only place I was getting cheesesteaks from in this town was Jersey Mike’s and Philly station. Both of which are somewhat subpar.

Yesterday, the restaurant had the ingredients that we were waiting for.

Amoroso’s rolls? Check!

Provolone and Cheez Whiz? Check!

Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer? Check!

Every thing was falling into place. That was until we found out that the cheesesteaks were made with roast beef.

Now I’m not going to sit here and pretend to have any idea what kind of meat goes into a classic Philly cheesesteak, but it ain’t roast beef. Something about the taste just wasn’t right. We quickly recognized that the meat ruined the sandwich.

But I wanna mention one massive heartbreak from today. The Eagles, once again, lost.

At this point, I’m not surprised. I’m just annoyed and pissed off. I’m disappointed. It was hard to watch my team fall so pathetically. But I digress. We move on. That’s the Philly way.

Well, hopefully Mickey Mouse and all that crap will help me feel better. I’m going to spend tomorrow in Disneyland with my family and my girlfriend.

I hope nothing goes wrong. What could possibly, right?

I sure screwed THAT up!

In my last blog, I began praising the rookie quarterback Nick Foles for taking the reigns and looking like a pretty solid performer during his first regular season action of his career. Vick went down with a concussion and Foles was looking pretty good. I was really excited. It was now time for the new era to begin.

Foles played great ball, but the Cowboys put up 21 points in less than 3 minutes with a Romo touchdown pass to Dez Bryant, a punt return touchdown and a pick six that I don’t blame on Foles. The ball bounced off BOTH hands of DeSean Jackson. The throw wasn’t great but in the NFL, if you get both hands on the ball, you better flippin’ catch it. We didn’t give him a contract to screw up.

That isn’t me trashing DJax. The guy has played well this year despite the crap going on with his team. But there are definitely problems with this team.

There are only a couple bright spots for the offseason this year.

1) The Eagles are only faced with one player who they may want to resign. Last year, the Eagles resigned just about everyone that needed to be resigned. The Eagles are entering rebuilding mode. But that doesn’t mean losing everyone. Defensively, I’d resign DRC if they can. Is it the end of the world if we don’t? No. But that’s a fast guy with almost sure hands and pretty good vision. Plus, he’s only 26 years old. He’s got time to develop, cut down on penalties and improve his skill set as a top 10 cornerback. He’s got incredible potential. However, the Eagles will be cleaning their defense up this offseason. In my eyes, the only defensive starters I would keep are DRC, Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, DeMeco Ryans, Mychael Kendricks, Trent Cole and I would bump Fletcher Cox into the starting lineup over Mike Patterson.

A lot of you guys are probably wondering why I left Nnamdi Asomugha, someone I was obsessed with coming into Philadelphia, off the list.

Quick answer, look at his stats over the past two years. Actually look over the past three years.

He’s over 30 and somewhat washed up. If not for how massive his contract is, I’d hold onto him. But he’s scheduled to make about 15 million dollars next season. I believe only 4 million is guaranteed money, and now there are murmurs that Nnamdi might be released if they can’t negotiate his contract. I’m disappointed at this thought, but that’s what you get from being a free agent bust.

2) The Eagles will be under new management. The team is going to have to find a new group of coaches that can mold the new-look Eagles. Andy Reid is finished, that much is for sure. Is Vick gone too though? The answer appears to be yes at this point. Only time will tell. Foles will start this weekend against Washington. It’s his first pro start. I’ll be watching with excitement of course.

That’s all the good we got. There isn’t much else. Nothing to see here. We just suck.

Minecraft: CTF


Like most of you I like Minecraft and find myself getting lost in the thrill of imagining and creating. This can get tedious at times, occasionally I wish for a more linear gaming experience. The people of Minecraft PVP have solved this issue Minecraft style.

Minecraft PVP is a site, which creates IP Addresses that host nine different PVP modes. Today we will be looking at Capture the Flag or CTF for short.

In Minecraft CTF the players are divided into two teams, the Red team and the Blue team. The objective of CTF is to capture the other teams flag while defending yours. Lets take a look at the free Kits Minecraft PVP provides for you.

Each player who enters a Minecraft CTF server is given four free and basic kits. These kits are: Archer, Heavy, Medic, and Soldier.

The Archer Kit allows the player to attack the enemy from a distance. The Archer Kit equips the player with a: Chain Helmet, Chain Chestplate, Chain Leggings, and Chain Boots. The Archer Kit gives the player an Iron Sword, an Enchanted Bow, 128 arrows, four Steaks and a Compass.

The Heavy Kit lets the player effectively defend the flag and tank for other players. The Heavy Kit equips the player with a: Diamond Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, and Diamond Boots. The Heavy Kit gives the player a Diamond Sword, three steaks and a Compass.

The Medic Kit lets the player support their team through healing and delaying. The Medic Kit gives the player two unique abilities that aids in these task.

The 1st ability is the Medic’s healing; if the Medic hits an ally with its sword that ally is healed. The 2nd ability is extremely annoying and effective, the Medic has Cobwebs when placed down and touched by an enemy that enemy is slowed down.

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After almost two years since her last album Speak Now, my favorite American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift FINALLY released her fourth studio album called “RED” on October 22, 2012 through Big Machine Records.

I have been waiting for so long for this brand new album. And there are 16 songs in this album which are led by the lead song – “We are never ever getting back together”.

The song soon became a worldwide commercial success and the top of the iTunes charts all over the world and sold sold 623,000 copies in the first week!!

“I wrote a song called ‘Red,'” said Swift. “Thinking about what that means to me and all the different emotions that are written about on this album, they’re all pretty much about the kind of tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships that I’ve experienced in the last two years . . . There’s nothing beige about any of those feelings, so I called the record Red.”

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My Brother

My brother and I have a unique relationship.
I was disapproving when we first met
When we were little kids my brother and I had a very…violent relationship. We often fought about everything, from who got the last pretzels(A joy I have now because he no longer can eat wheat) to who won in basketball.

Games often ended in loud arguments and we had bitter conversations often. This stayed this way until middle school.

Though there were a lot of good times too

In 2008 my brother first took me to fairfax and La Brea in Beverly hills. On La Brea lies one of my favorite stores, Undefeated. We walked and talked and my interest in sneakers was brought back.

Throughout high school we would often talk about street wear, cars, and sneakers. We would talk about what we found to be the best sneaker of all time. A Title that the Black/Cement Jordan 3 currently holds.

We would play basketball and we would go and make trips to Undefeated, Supreme, and Union.

Slowly I got closer to the point where he would have to go off to college.

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App Review: 9 Colonies


Hello. As anyone who goes to OVS knows gaming has been banned in the dorms. There is a grayish area however (More of a ignorable area). iPhone Apps, more specifically iPhone Games can be amazing.

A great strategic game for iOS is 9 Colonies. 9 Colonies is a simple real time strategy game developed by XOR Gaming.

It is the year 2180 and humanity has expanded to all nine planets in the solar system.  Each of the nine planets vies for control of the solar system and the rest of humanity. Your job is simple, join a planet, conquer other planets, and unite the solar system.

 9 Colonies has an interesting mechanic to keep track of players progress. Although the date of 9 Colonies begins on 2180time moves forward via an in game weekly calendar.

For example if a player wanted to research a STARBASE, a planet defense upgrade, that research might take the player five weeks. Or if a player needed to invade another planet it might take them ten weeks to travel there. XOR Gaming put in place this clever mechanic to make the player understand there is a price to every ship they build, every structure they construct, and every technology they research.

The more advanced your colony and technology is the more likely you will be able to defeat your enemies. However as you upgrade your arsenal and planet’s defenses your enemy does the same. To make the game more difficult XOR Gaming implemented three critical attributes that the player must manage.

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Captain Apathy

Captain Apathy was in his Lair of Indifference when the apathy meter went in to overdrive.

“Good lord!” The Captain said as he read the meter.  “The museum is on fire! I’m going to make myself a sandwich.”

After Captain Apathy ate his sandwich he took a lackadaisical stroll down to the museum.

“Captain Apathy!” The museum curator said. “Where have you been?! The museum is almost gone!!”

“Meh.” Grunted the Captain.

“Well, are you going to do anything to save what’s left?” The curator said.

“I mean…I could.”

“Well would you?!”

“Ughhhhhhhhh, FINE.”

Captain Apathy slowly walked towards the almost burnt down museum.

“Hurry up Captain!! Try to save the Picassos!” The curator turned to his assistant. “Dammit, why couldn’t this town have gotten a normal superhero?”

Captain Apathy stumbled through the flames into the lobby of the Museum. He looked at the map to see how to get to the art wing, but saw directions to the food wing instead.

“Ooh! Food wing!”

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Star Trails.

Stars and the galaxy are things that attract photographers. After seeing a few pictures of star trailing photography, one of my friends fell in love with the beautiful circles the stars draws. And soon I found that it is actually really interesting.

Star trailing is basically shooting a picture with a very long exposure time at night. While the sky is being exposed, the earth will rotate but the stars will not. Therefore, the light of the stars are captured by the camera over time and the light will draw curly lines or semi-circles.

Creating star trail images is a fun technique that can occur a lot of different results depending on the shooting location, foreground objects and number of visible stars. While the technique can be simple, proper setup and then proper post-shooting preparations are very essential.

Shooting star trail pictures requires a camera with a tripod in order to make the lens steady. The camera should not move at all during the shooting process. Find north and aim the frame at that direction to get a centered and circle shaped star trail. Set the camera to a very low ISO and long a exposure time to shoot, and it works even better if the camera has a bulb mode.

Due to the length it requires to shoot the star trails, make sure there are not any moving objects around that may run into the frame, because they may mess up the whole picture. Control other light sources and be sure not to let any other light come into the frame except the stars. Set the focus to infinity so that star trails will be sharp and clear.

Charge the battery to full,  then put on warm clothes and begin shooting tonight !!!

Thanksgiving Break

Tomorrow is the final day before Thanksgiving Break, and the school is riddled with anticipation. A suitcase sitting in the hallway of the dorm, flight plans being turned in… The school is packing up.

For me, Thanksgiving break is the first time I get to see my brothers, after three months of eery calmness from not having them around.

Thanksgiving break is also a time for me to see my dad, and for us to spend time as a family.

This Thanksgiving, our plans our secret. My dad has sorted out one of his “Papa Adventures,” and according to him it will be the biggest one yet. I’m excited, but you know. It’ll either be really good or really bad. Hopefully it’s the former.

Last Thanksgiving break was a bit of a nightmare. My mom took me and my brothers down to Denver for my brother’s hockey tournament. Spending a week in a hotel room with two little brothers is NOT fun. Emphasis on the not.

For one, they don’t feel the need to have any sort of manners, whatsoever, when around me. It’s just lovely. The hotel room did not smell good by the end of the week.

I’m excited about this Thanksgiving because even though we will all be in a hotel room, we won’t be at a hockey tournament. Which is a huge improvement.

And as soon as I know what the “Papa Adventure” is, I’ll let you know.

The Pressure of Dreams

For those of you who don’t know, I wrote a blog a little while ago called “My Best Friend.” The subject of the blog is my horse, Time, who is indeed my best friend. He listens to me, whether he wants to or not, and doesn’t pass judgment.

A couple weeks ago, Time and I participated in a Don Sachey clinic. It was extremely fun, and also very frustrating.

My horse does this thing sometimes, where he locks his neck and basically makes it impossible for me to do anything with him.

It makes me want to stomp my feet and scream. Almost like I’m four years old again.

But that’s beside the point. Riding has always been an escape for me, a time when I don’t have to face the reality that is everyday life. I’ve been riding since I was two, and my dream has always been to go the Olympics with it.

WIth those kind of dreams, it’s hard to escape the pressure that accompanies them.

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