My Brother

My brother and I have a unique relationship.
I was disapproving when we first met
When we were little kids my brother and I had a very…violent relationship. We often fought about everything, from who got the last pretzels(A joy I have now because he no longer can eat wheat) to who won in basketball.

Games often ended in loud arguments and we had bitter conversations often. This stayed this way until middle school.

Though there were a lot of good times too

In 2008 my brother first took me to fairfax and La Brea in Beverly hills. On La Brea lies one of my favorite stores, Undefeated. We walked and talked and my interest in sneakers was brought back.

Throughout high school we would often talk about street wear, cars, and sneakers. We would talk about what we found to be the best sneaker of all time. A Title that the Black/Cement Jordan 3 currently holds.

We would play basketball and we would go and make trips to Undefeated, Supreme, and Union.

Slowly I got closer to the point where he would have to go off to college.

We gave him a goodbye at NYU and left him to start his own life. No more car rides across town listening to music. No more trips to our favorite stores and restaurants.

Then I realized that I would stay in contact through text, calling, and email. We still talk about sneakers all the time and all the cool new people he is meeting. People I hopefully will get to meet when I visit in december.

My brother is more than family to me. He is a role model, idol, and friend.

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