The most exciting thing I have done over this thanksgiving break was seeing my favorite movie – The Twilight Saga.

After I read the books, since the first one – The Twilight in 2008, I’ve been deeply obsessed by this mysterious and romantic story. Then I began to watch the movies. The movies, though, contain less details. But it still couldn’t stop my love towards it.

The films are directed by Bill Condon and based on the novel The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. The whole story contain four series – The Twilight; Eclipse; The New Moon and  The Breaking Dawn.

After 4 years of waiting, I finally had a chance to enjoy the second part of a two-part film forms the fifth and final installment in the series The Twilight Saga, and is the conclusion of the 2011 film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

The actors and actress stayed the same. And the tone of the movie was filled with mystery and beauty as usual.

The movie theater was full of the Twilight fans like me. I sat in the seats silently because I don’t know how to explain or express the feelings when I was about to see the last one, the end.

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The majority of you have probably never heard of a man named Sixto Rodriguez. Neither had I until a couple days ago.

Sixto Rodriguez was born July 10, 1942, in Detroit, Michigan. His parents, immigrants from Mexico, named him Sixto because he was the sixth child in his family.

Little did he know, his upbringing as a part of the inner city poor would influence his life in more ways than he could imagine.

Rodriguez, who worked construction, was performing in a bar one night when he was discovered as an American folk singer. He signed with a small label named Impact, and produced the single “I’ll Slip Away.”

A couple years later, Rodriguez signed with Sussex Records, and produced both of his albums, “Cold Fact” and “Coming From Reality.” For some reason, most likely because of his Hispanic heritage, Rodriguez’ career in North America flopped.

Sussex Records dropped him, two weeks before Christmas, a premonition which came true from his song “Cause.”

Little did he know, Rodriguez was a super star in conservative South Africa. The story goes that an American girl came to South Africa to visit her boyfriend, with “Cold Facts” in tow. What proceeded from there was boot-legging and importing of copies.

When the copies ran dry, Australian record company Blue Goose Music bought the rights to his back catalogue, and released his two albums.

Rodriguez had become an icon of South African culture. Children ran around on the streets singing his songs. His music opened their eyes to something else, with songs like “I Wonder” helping along the realization that there was a way to fight the South African government: through music.

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I’ve a great, and unquenchable love for peppermint.

As a kid, I’d always grab the green and black swirly dinner mints at restaurants, a classmate having told me the red and white ones would make my eyes bleed.

But one fateful night, I accidentally ate one and thus, I was introduced to the wonderful world that is peppermint.

It became quite a problem around Christmas.

My mom would always buy twelve or twenty-four packs of candy canes to hang on the tree.

I believe my sisters were rather peeved when I ate most of them before we could decorate each year.

When I was seven, I got a candy cane corn snake.

And guess what I named her…

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