Hyenas agile and strong.

Their snickering frees them of all wrong.

Hyenas wander the African Plain.

Treating the hunt of a wildebeest like its a game.

If they don’t kill, it does not matter.

They scavenge others by using patter.

Hyenas by some are considered lazy.

To those who say that I call them crazy.

Brown furry creature they are not picky.

They would it eat what other animals assume are icky.

A lion appears he is alone.

He cannot find where the hyenas roam.

For the hyena is a smart he is already gone.

He rises early long before dawn.

How could you criticize such creatures?

When their resourcefulness is a involuntary feature.

V for Vendetta

I’ve blogged about some of my favorite movies before, but I have yet to mention one of my favorite movies of all time. V for Vendetta is the story of a dystopian United Kingdom  that is dominated by a fascist and citizen-censoring political party. The film’s protagonist, V, wears a Guy Fawkes mask to honor his hero…Guy Fawkes.

Now, I just want to say one thing before I continue talking about the film. As  much as I respect Guy Fawkes for protesting a government he considered to be immoral, his motives have to be questioned. I mean, all he really was was a religious fanatic.  I’m not very…keen on those.

Now back to V for Vendetta. The film is incredible for a couple of reasons. The acting is obviously amazing. Natalie Portman is at her A game. This is by far her best preformance in a movie.  Hugo Weaving (yes, the elf from Lord of the Rings) delivers an unparallelled performance as V. We could read pretty far into this and say that his performance (as well as Alan Moore’s genius) sparked one or two movements in the world.

That’s the final reason why I love this movie. The film’s message is one that is deeply important today. “By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.” This is V’s peronal motto. It encompasses the film’s incredible message. The truth will come out about governments, and when it does, the people will fight back. In this modern day, there are many V-like figures. These are the men who are making a difference in today’s world, and the ones who are making the world more transparent.

Street Art Revolution

I have always loved art, but not so much in a gallery, while I appreciate it, what really gets me happy is street art.

Street art is one of those things that you always have to appreciate.

I’m not saying all the ugly gang tags on the side of a bridge, but when you see something that someone has taken time to do, and invested more than just money into you have to stop and think about it.

Street art is an ever growing movement.

When people see actual street art and call it graffiti, it actually isn’t correct.

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October 16, 2009

I was thirteen when I attended Spudfest at the Ojai Valley School Upper Campus.

Spudfest is an annual campus-integrating event that introduces students of the Lower Campus to high school life.

We had Team Comp(etition) and battled it out in various events for points, the winner would be rewarded with a pizza party.

We did all sorts of games, including, but not limited to, the chicken launch, the Barbie drop, tug-o-war, candy mummies (where someone got wrapped in tape and rolled on a tarp with candy all over it), and the shoe scramble.  It was all very jazzy.

Afterward we had a party up at the campus.

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One More Time

This is a pretty emotional blog for me to write being as I’m unsure on my future. This weekend may or may not be the last football game of my career. It’s been an amazing road since I first strapped on the pads. Before I get too sentimental, I would like to point out that there is still a strong chance that I will be eligible to play next year for OVS.

I have been thinking to myself a lot lately about what obstacles and challenges I was forced to face to get where I am today. I wasn’t always a great player. In fact, in my early days, I was down right AWFUL!

I remember my first year of competitive football. We only had one game that season and everyone got a chance to play. It wasn’t really competitive, but it was organized. That season was supposed to introduce the youth of Summit, New Jersey.

That’s exactly what it did. The Summit Hilltoppers had a long tradition of competing for championships annually. My second year of football was a reflection of that tradition. However, none of our success had anything to do with me. Enter Jamie White.

Jamie was a friend of mine. He was a monster of an athlete and he still is to this day. One particular play comes to mind about my youth football days with Jamie White. We were pinned down on our own 5 yard line. We needed 10 yards for the first down but we needed to get away from our end zone. Most teams wouldn’t call a halfback draw right up the middle. That play is usually a short yardage play.

Not for Jamie.

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The ocean has been a constant throughout my childhood. I have lived in Los Angeles, and right now my family is living in Oxnard. Having the ocean a stone’s throw away has given me comfort and is a constant reminder that i am a single person in a sea of people.

At my previous school the ocean was visible from all of my classes. Here at OVS, while the view is fantastic, it is missing the pacific ocean view that I have had my entire life.

The sound of the waves has been a constant in my life and without it I feel as though something is missing.

Something about the water makes me feel like I am safe and at home. It might be the fact that the places I have always called home have been less than a mile away from the Pacific.

The constant crashing of waves was a natural metronome for my tennis playing and it felt as though the beating of my heart was in sync with the crash and the wind moving the sand.

The ocean has calmed me and has provided me with a rhythm that still beats in me today.

Sierra Solo

The LATimes has always been where I go to get my news, but today they had a story (read it here) that really amazed me.

It was part of LATimes Framework, which, for those of you who don’t know, is the multimedia section of the newspaper. This means that it had photos and a video documenting the task Mary Breckenridge undertakes every year.

Breckenridge crosses the High Sierras every year by way of the Mono Pass Trail with only her horse and two mules. That, by the way, is something that sounds incredible and that I have to do. The Sierras are home to the most dramatic landscape in California. The reason this story resonated so much with me is because of the way Breckenridge described being alone in the wilderness.

She described it using transcendentalism and just as having that feeling of being connected with everything else. I mean, I’ll be the first to say that I think the idea of God and spirits and all of that is hooey, but being alone in the backcountry really makes one feel like they belong out there. At least, that’s what I get from it.

The video that is on the article is incredible as well. The photography, voiceover and content is very moving. I suggest you all go watch it.



Why is it when men disagree?

They can’t do it peacefully.

When we were young in times of stone.

Laws of war were not yet known.

Iron and steel were the laws of the land.

Victory was decided by the strength of your hand.

Hulking warriors grew obsolete.

Gunpowder guaranteed their defeat.

With armies possessing cannon and rifle.

Only luck made certain a warriors survival.

The advents of weapons did not end there.

Soldiers soon found another reason to beware.

Automatic guns would shred a mans flesh.

Iron armor was not battle dress.

On top of that there were chemical attacks.

Leaving men to die and grovel like filthy rats

The worse of the weapons had not come.

A weapon that would cause life to be undone.

The advent of a weapon that contains so much power.

Would be humanity’s dying hour.

A point

A point

A location in the universe of indeterminate size and mass

This is the beginning

A focused point of unfathomable energy


The celestial bodies begin to drift away

Hydrogen begins to react with itself as it becomes helium

The elements form together inside stars and through the explosive power of supernovas

The folds of gravity bring these pieces together

The universe expands constantly

never stopping

never slowing

it pushes beyond its edges and speeds toward some unfathomable edge

The stars fascinate me

How some flash of light millions of years ago

manages to hit my retinas and get deciphered by my brain to be defined as

a single point of light in an endless dark abyss.

The journey of trillions of miles over millions of years only to hit a retina in the eye of a person on

a solitary rock orbiting a giant burning ball of gas

and there are people too focused on the happenings of the Kardashians to notice.

Spirited Away.

Have you ever imagined your unique name is taken away? Who are you then? Name is an identity of a person. It contains a family’s history and it can also contains memories.

Spirited Away is an Japanese animated movie written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli which tells a story of an adventure of Chihiro and her family.

However, after watching the movie, I realized that this was not a simple cartoon, but a moving animation filled with profound sense.

Chihiro is a fourth grader in Japan. The story started by the scene which she was on the way with her parents to another city, they planned to move there and start a new life. However, they were lost on the way and accidentally entered a ghost town. The town was run by an old lady Yubaba, who is also the owner of a bathhouse inside the town. The bathhouse is a holy property for the town, Yubaba said it is the places where Japanese Gods take bath. Yubaba has some kind of magic power, but the people in town call her a witch.

There is a law in the town that if you don’t have a job, you will be transformed into a pig and will end up being pork served in meals for other people in town. Therefore, when Chihiro’s parents were found, they were captured and transformed into pigs.

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