A point

A point

A location in the universe of indeterminate size and mass

This is the beginning

A focused point of unfathomable energy


The celestial bodies begin to drift away

Hydrogen begins to react with itself as it becomes helium

The elements form together inside stars and through the explosive power of supernovas

The folds of gravity bring these pieces together

The universe expands constantly

never stopping

never slowing

it pushes beyond its edges and speeds toward some unfathomable edge

The stars fascinate me

How some flash of light millions of years ago

manages to hit my retinas and get deciphered by my brain to be defined as

a single point of light in an endless dark abyss.

The journey of trillions of miles over millions of years only to hit a retina in the eye of a person on

a solitary rock orbiting a giant burning ball of gas

and there are people too focused on the happenings of the Kardashians to notice.

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