Spirited Away.

Have you ever imagined your unique name is taken away? Who are you then? Name is an identity of a person. It contains a family’s history and it can also contains memories.

Spirited Away is an Japanese animated movie written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli which tells a story of an adventure of Chihiro and her family.

However, after watching the movie, I realized that this was not a simple cartoon, but a moving animation filled with profound sense.

Chihiro is a fourth grader in Japan. The story started by the scene which she was on the way with her parents to another city, they planned to move there and start a new life. However, they were lost on the way and accidentally entered a ghost town. The town was run by an old lady Yubaba, who is also the owner of a bathhouse inside the town. The bathhouse is a holy property for the town, Yubaba said it is the places where Japanese Gods take bath. Yubaba has some kind of magic power, but the people in town call her a witch.

There is a law in the town that if you don’t have a job, you will be transformed into a pig and will end up being pork served in meals for other people in town. Therefore, when Chihiro’s parents were found, they were captured and transformed into pigs.

Chihiro heard the bad news and decided to save her parents. She went to Yubaba and asked her for a job in the bathhouse. Yubaba offered Chihiro a job, they signed a contract. In the contract, Chihiro will have to rename herself “Chi”.

Chi soon started her life at the bathhouse. The assistant of Yubaba, Haku, assisted Chi in multiple ways so that Chi could work through the days in the bathhouse. Haku showed Chi the pigs which were supposed to be Chi’s parents. Chi worked many years for Yubaba, through these years, she learned a lot of valuable things from Yubaba and the people in town. She finally grew up and became an adult.

After her contract expired, Yubaba let Chi go into the pigs and asked her to find out which ones are her parents. With Haku’s help, Chi finally found her parents and they were transformed back into humans. Chi became Chihiro again.

Chihiro was very happy to meet her family agian. Chihiro and her family finally made their way out of the town and continued their journey.

The last scene flipped my heart the most. Chihiro ran to her parents’ embrace, but when she looked back, the mysterious trail was not there anymore. It seemed like nothing had happened. She sighed, wept, and finally smiled.

It was an exciting experience. It was an unforgetable journey. This movie is filled with love – love of home, love from friends, love from a stranger.

It is surely a piece of excellence, which blew my spirit away.

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