Another War in the Name of God

Let’s say

That I belonged to a social club that met each week.

Let’s say

That the people in the club believed that it was founded by a guy named, I don’t know, Chuck.

Let’s say

Chuck was a homophobic, misogynistic, genocidal old man who lived in a cloud and had the power to make everything happen.

Lastly, let’s say

That because I belonged to this club, I inherited a hatred of all other social clubs in the area.

Okay, now of course no one would ever join this club. It’s ridiculous. However, if this was your religion, you’d be perfectly fine with it.

The Old Testament, for instance, a book held believed to be true by both Christians and Jews, is one of the most outrageous pieces of literature in Western Culture.

For most of it, God is killing people. He wipes out everyone but Noah and his family in one part, destroys two cities and its inhabitants in another, forces Lot to offer his own daughters to be raped, etc.

However, when the O.T. is lacking in violence, it makes up for it in sheer whimsicality and stupidity. This is the same with all religious texts. There really is no room for a reasonable person to believe in some of the “facts” of Juedo-Christain beliefs (I’m not leaving other religions like Islam out on purpose, its just that these strike a little closer to home).

Religous “Facts”:

1.   Sadly (spoiler alert), Noah of the O.T. died at the young age of 950. The good die young.

2.   Although also in the New Testament, it is possible (and actually turned out quite well) to be swallowed by a giant fish, live in there for a while, and be spat back out.

3.   The universe was created by…well God. There isn’t much else to say about that because books like the O.T. say about that much in regard to the beginning of time (cough-COP OUT-cough).

However, taking what some would call “cheap shots” like this at religion isn’t fair because these things aren’t meant to be taken literally. They’re simply meant to be ignored and the good bits should be cherry picked out when needed.

For instance, you could go through the Bible and find plenty of homophobic (Leviticus 20:13), misogynistic (Timothy 2:12) and violent things, but then you can find the good things that justify it to the point where it’s all bearable.

Religion is just another way to segregate people and create friction between the groups. Taking into account that a new war is starting up in the Middle East between Israel and Gaza, it’s very easy to see why religion should be stopped.

There is really no reason why Muslims and Jews, Christians and Muslims etc. shouldn’t get along. But no matter how many people say that, religious tension is not something that can be avoided. It will continue to get worse until more people die and suffer until only one group is left.

This is the harsh reality and it can’t be avoided unless everyone takes a second to think about what they’re doing and realize it’s wrong.  Think for yourself, and please, try to think meaningfully.

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2 Responses to Another War in the Name of God

  1. Nice try, but you know it won’t happen… right?

  2. Atheism, how I love thee!

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