Unwarranted Accusations

Welcome to America, where people judge others for things about which they know nothing.

Say you relate to a religion, or group of people who have a bad reputation. Say you’ve done nothing, yet you still get blamed or treated poorly due to your affiliation to the group.

Take Muslims for an example. Many ignorant, misinformed people accuse Muslims of being Islamic Terrorists. Not only is that extremely racist, but it is simply inaccurate.

Just because someone relates to a group of people it does not mean that they are the same.

Similarly, German people have suffered some similar prejudices. There have been instances where someone from Germany has been accused of being racist or even being a Nazi. The kindest person could be treated awfully solely due to an accent.

These occurrences are more unfair than anything else. Kind, innocent individuals have done nothing, yet are targeted due to their accent or appearance. They have done nothing to gain a bad reputation, yet are stuck with this burden.

It’s unfair, disgusting, and needs to stop.


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Another War in the Name of God

Let’s say

That I belonged to a social club that met each week.

Let’s say

That the people in the club believed that it was founded by a guy named, I don’t know, Chuck.

Let’s say

Chuck was a homophobic, misogynistic, genocidal old man who lived in a cloud and had the power to make everything happen.

Lastly, let’s say

That because I belonged to this club, I inherited a hatred of all other social clubs in the area.

Okay, now of course no one would ever join this club. It’s ridiculous. However, if this was your religion, you’d be perfectly fine with it.

The Old Testament, for instance, a book held believed to be true by both Christians and Jews, is one of the most outrageous pieces of literature in Western Culture.

For most of it, God is killing people. He wipes out everyone but Noah and his family in one part, destroys two cities and its inhabitants in another, forces Lot to offer his own daughters to be raped, etc.

However, when the O.T. is lacking in violence, it makes up for it in sheer whimsicality and stupidity. This is the same with all religious texts. There really is no room for a reasonable person to believe in some of the “facts” of Juedo-Christain beliefs (I’m not leaving other religions like Islam out on purpose, its just that these strike a little closer to home).

Religous “Facts”:

1.   Sadly (spoiler alert), Noah of the O.T. died at the young age of 950. The good die young.

2.   Although also in the New Testament, it is possible (and actually turned out quite well) to be swallowed by a giant fish, live in there for a while, and be spat back out.

3.   The universe was created by…well God. There isn’t much else to say about that because books like the O.T. say about that much in regard to the beginning of time (cough-COP OUT-cough).

However, taking what some would call “cheap shots” like this at religion isn’t fair because these things aren’t meant to be taken literally. They’re simply meant to be ignored and the good bits should be cherry picked out when needed.

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Egypt’s potential to become Islamic State

With protests becoming more violent and the growing popularity of the Islamic brotherhood, Egypt is beginning to look a lot like 1979 Iran.

For Israel and the world as a whole this can only spell disaster.  One Islamic state is enough.  If Egypt were to become an Islamic state, Israel would be the most directly infected.

To start, Israel and Egypt have maintained a cold peace for over thirty years.  If Mubarak is overthrown, and the Islamic brotherhood takes power, not only would they not recognize Israel as a legitimate state, but also they would begin to openly fund Hamas in the Gaza strip, and at the least Israel would face a repeat in 2005 when over 10,000 Kasam rockets fell in Israeli towns and cities.

Putting Israel aside and looking at the interests of the US, pre 1979 Iran was a powerful ally ruled by the Shah who welcomed in western ideas.  Now Iran is not only one of the most oppressed and human rights void country in the world but also the most likely country the US will go to war with next.

Iran is a threat to the entire world, and Egypt is well on its way to stand beside its brother Arab country.  Yes, Mubarak is a dictator, but what Arab countries leader is not.  Is not the continued oppression of a small number of people better the rise of yet another Islamic state that threatens world peace?

Obama the Muslim!

President Obama announced this Tuesday that he is a Christian “by choice.” It’s kind of sad that Obama still has to prove himself to the American public. Almost two years after the presidential elections, and some people still either a) don’t believe that he is Christian, and/or b) think that he is a Muslim.

Right, because Obama has the middle name “Hussein,” and that his dad was from Kenya means that he is a Muslim extremist who wants to kill America and all of it’s values.

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Texas did it again

On Friday,  the Texas State Board of Education put an end to all “Islam references” in Texan World History textbooks.  The resolution passed to put an end to the Islam bias in the textbooks. Supposedly, there are too many textbooks with too many lines devoted to the practices of Islam, and not enough to the practices of Christianity. Terri Leo, a Texas school board member, said that the resolution sends a “clear message to publishers that it should not happen in the future.”

Okay, first of all, I fail to see how any world history textbook can accurately teach history without making references to Islam.  If we want school children to even vaguely understand the war in the Middle East, then they have to learn about Islam.  Secondly, there is no way the Texas Board of Education can favor one religion over another.  School is supposed to educate kids, not to brainwash them into thinking that one religion is better than another.  By saying that Christianity is better than Islam is ridiculous.  They are almost the same. One God, one messenger, holy scriptures, etc. 1.5 BILLION people are Muslim. The Texas Board of Education managed to insult nearly 1/5 of the world’s population by one silly, and very racist resolution.