Mon Coeur Est à Travers l’Atlantique

My heart is across the Atlantic

And yet, I am anchored here

Caught astride the blue and green

Between the far and near

To one I lost my head and heart 

In autumn hot and dry

But with you, chéri, my dreams are filled

And for you, my feelings fly 

Flickering like starlight

With eyes of emerald flame

I scarce could stand his searing touch

Or when he spoke my name 

But you, amour, I miss your laugh

That golden, sunny smile

Your piercing lapis lazuli gaze

Devoid of rage or guile

His hands are long and slender

With blue veins all showing through

The loveliest I’ve ever seen,

And yet, I think of you

Your lips so curved, like Cupid’s bow

Soft red with rosy tinge 

Perfect with unconscious grace

Lips, drawn and made for sin

Far across the dreaming sea,

In a city full of light

My love lives happy, fast and free

For you, I’m out of sight

But know, chéri, you’re in my heart

Still always on my mind

I won’t forget your face or touch

Though love is painted blind 



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