The past few days have been absolutely crazy. Wednesday morning started off with the PSAT tests, which as some of you may know are a little bit torturous.

After the PSAT’s, my friend and I loaded up in one of the school car’s (with a teacher driving, don’t worry), to do the shopping necessary for the Halloween dance we had planned for the next night.

We made sure that this dance wasn’t just any ordinary, boring, and annoying OVS dance. Instead we held it down at the tennis courts, and made it into a carnival type thingy.

As one can imagine the clean-up took a really long time.

But our week was not over yet. Today was Spudfest. I’m sure that the majority of you don’t actually know what that is, so I’m gonna go ahead and explain it to you.

Spudfest begins once the eighth graders from the Lower Campus arrive, which is when we start the team comp activities (pumpkin toss and other such things). This lasts about an hour or two, and then the real fun begins.

On this very special day, teachers are put in charge of different booths. Cotton candy, milkshakes, jewelry, face paint, tie-dye, and many other fun things. But not only that, there was also a rock-climbing wall, bungee jumping, and this weird spinny thing that makes everyone who goes on it look like they’re gonna be sick.

It’s very attractive. But not really.

Best of all, is the dunk tank. This amazing game allows us to dunk our favorite, and least favorite, teachers into water. The girls dorm parent, boys dorm parent, and even the headmaster participated in this great event. As did many brave students.

The entire student body was down at the fields today, painting each other and having fun. Spudfest is the perfect fun time we need after classes. It’s the days leading up to it that seem as if they’ll never end!

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