As a kid, we all have that one thing that brings us comfort. Sometimes it’s a blanket, or a stuffed animal, or even a lullaby sung every night by your mother. We all have that safety blanket we run to whenever things get tough.

For some, the teddy might stick around a little longer than what’s considered normal. Or maybe it goes from a teddy to a song you can play on repeat. The point is, we all get worked up. Everyone needs something to calm them down.

When I was little, I had a drawer full of hospital blankets that came with us the first time they brought me home. I would sleep with blankie every night, and when one got dirty I would easily swap it out for another.

I did, of course, have my favorite. It’s quite obvious now which one it was because it is literally in tatters, barely hanging together by random knots I somehow made with the loose strings. It is thin, threadbare, hardly anything more than a rag.

In fact I’m pretty sure the cleaning ladies did accidentally use it as a rag one time.

But blankie still has a place on my bed at home, right in the middle of all the pillows. And at school I have Polar Bear, who as you might have guessed, is a polar bear. He is also very soft and a wonderful hugger.

These things, although childish, bring a sense of security to me. When things get tough, I know I can curl up on my bed and find some comfort. I have my security blankets.


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