Life of Pi.

Life of Pi” is recently a very famous and popular movie by Ang Lee, especially when it became the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards of 2013’s Oscar Ceremony.

Therefore, I decided to watch it.

The movie begins with Pi’s childhood. When Pi was young, his life was not that good. He was bullied by his peers who laughed at his name and called him “Pissing” (His name was Piscine). As he grew up and entered middle school, he decided to change the way he lived. He believed in a lot of religions. He was very smart.

One day his father taught him that animals are not like humans, they don’t have the emotions like humans, they are just animals. Pi’s family decided to move their home and sell the zoo they owned. So they took all of the animals with them and boarded a Japanese ship to their new home. The ship sank because of a huge thunder storm. Pi was lucky to get on a life boat with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a tiger whose name was Richard Parker.

Pi saw the hearts inside the animals when they were out of food and supplies. The hyena killed the zebra and the orangutan, the tiger killed the hyena and ate them all. Pi was so scared that he built a small floating object which is connected to the boat so that he can stick to the boat and not be attacked by the tiger. With the threat of being eaten by the tiger, Pi had survived.

He started to share the life with the tiger. He gave Richard Parker water and fish. He worked hard to try to cure Richard Parker’s sea sickness. They went on an island and after two hundred and twenty-seven days on the life boat, Pi finally got saved on the shore. Richard Parker went into the forest.  Pi was heartbroken because Richard Parker did not even look back at him. Pi regards Parker as his friend, but he just realized that Parker was still an animal – with no feelings.

When two Japanese officers came to the hospital to ask him the reason of the ship wreck. Pi told them the his story, but they did not believe it. Therefore Pi had to tell them another story: The boat had Pi, Pi’s mother, a sailor with a broken leg, and a cook. The cook killed the sailor and Pi’s mother. The cook ate them. Pi killed the cook and ate the cook. The story goes as the “human” version and nobody knows which story is true, but nobody can prove either one.

However, whether the story is true or not is no longer important, but what matters is whether you chose to believe it or not. When someone gets into a situation like that, are they going to be another “Richard Parker”…?

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