Pull the Trigger.

Gun shooting scenes are always among the most popular ones in American movies. People get excited for gun shooting scenes. During the visit to Las Vegas, I held and shot a gun for the very first time of my life. I am still very excited when I think about it now.

It was an afternoon, I walked into a gun store’s shooting range. The staff in the front counter assisted me and helped me pick the guns I will shoot. Boys likes to study and even collect guns, they know all kinds of guns, but I do not know as much as they do. Therefore I picked a few easy ones to start with.

After paying for the guns and ammo, A range master came and greeted me. He gave me a set of eyes and ears protection. The things that cover my ears would block the noise of a firing gun so that my ears would not feel uncomfortable. I also got to wear a pair of shooting goggles so that nothing would hurt my eyes. When I was about to hold the gun, I was very nervous. Because it would be almost impossible for me to shoot a gun in China, that was something very new to me.

After a short tutorial, I started my first shot, the force of the bullet knocked the gun back along with my hand. I shot a P226, an MP5, and an AK-47. Larger guns are harder to shoot and are harder to hold on to as well. At first I was a little scared by the sound and the force of shooting, but then I got used to it and really started to enjoy my shooting.

My scores were not bad on my target sheets, I hit every bullet on the target board with the P226 and most of them stayed around the head and the neck area. But the resultes for MP5 and AK-47 were a huge mess because they are really hard to shoot.

I had fun shooting guns that day, and it was my first time doing that. I loved it and I am pretty sure I will go back for more shots!


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