Power lies not with those who rule intellectuals, but who rule the fools. An Intellectual knows when his rights are being taken away, they fight and resist to no end. Fools can easily be owned. Their faith can be bought with the simplest of things. They will believe anything they hear, which is exactly hat makes them dangerous.

-Unknown author 21st century.

In the second half of the 22nd Century a computer virus spread that wiped the data from millions of servers across the country. This outage caused The U.S. to be sent back to the dark ages. There was no way to contact the military overseas, the internet was the only way to control a military that was entirely robotic. Although when you think about it, the enemy’s army was entirely robotic as well. I always thought it was a ridiculous thing, to make machines just to break each other, piling millions of dollars into robots that served the express purpose of destroying other robots. A huge waste of money.

Back to the revolution. The people grew increasingly angry with the government. Martial Law was in effect in most states, and people were starving. The programs that ran the farming equipment had been shut down, and most towns had no ability to provide for their populations. Villages began to fight over food and water. We became barbarians over night. Thousands of years of morality lost in an instant.

Hunger changes a man, his instincts take over. Food becomes one’s only thought, and those who had it had the power. The smart ones like myself read books from museums to learn how to farm and grow food for ourselves. We had a garden with a few vegetables growing, and life was good. Well, at least until the town got word of our little establishment.

When people get angry they riot, when people riot they destroy, and when people destroy, nothing can be saved. They devoured what little food we had and burnt our home to the ground. An incredibly foolish gesture considering that the books they burnt were far more valuable than the vegetables, but alas, fools have no time for critical thinking in a riot. They think only for themselves.


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