The Better Food.

Recently, one of my American friends asked me about my perspective of the food differences between Chinese and American food. Well, it’s hard to say which is better but there are lots of differences. But since I am a Chinese, I would of course prefer mine.

Gourmets will like Chinese food more than American food even by only looking at the it. Chinese chefs put a lot of efforts to make their food look beautiful. Since the ancient times, Chinese people have considered food as an individual type of art. Food is usually made colorfully and sometimes is made into the shape of animals, such as a dragon or a phoenix. Great dishes do not only have taste, but also have gorgeous embellishments. On the other hand, American food also has its own style of appearance. For both casual dining and fine dining, American food is often layed in the plates in a simple and clear way. Food eaters do not usually get a large amount of embellishments other than small pieces of fruits or vegetables.

Chinese food do not only have beautiful looks, but they also have richer flavors than American food. One first thing that makes Chinese food taste better is the spices. Chinese have countless number of unique spices for cooking. In my house, the kitchen shelf is full of bottles and cans of spices. The scale of China’s land gives Chinese food enormous different materials and styles of cooking. Ameican food has much less choices on flavors. Cooking styles are similar among dishes, and materials are simple as well. Most of thhe food are usually baked or fried.

Chinese food can feed both a person’s stomach and a person’s body, it is healthier. Ancient Chinese people think that food can be used to make the body healthier instead of taking medicine. Many Chinese food materials are used as traditional medicine plants such as herbs. The history of the studies for nutrition balancing and food healthiness is longer than 3000 years. American food mostly focuses on fastfood and fried food. The high amount of fat and protein gives the digesting system a heavy load. Sometimes an American meal can be just a piece of steak. The balance of neither vitamin and fiber nor meat and vegetables are not very healthy.

Among the two different countries, China and the United States, eating habits and food choices are all different. Therefore, I believe that different people will enjoy different kinds of food. To be honest, I love both of them!


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