What Goes Through My Head?-An Exclusive Look Into My Viewings of Sunday Night Football

As many of you guys know, I have an addiction to sports, particularly the NFL. I love just about everything about it. It’s fascinating and I like to break down just about everything that I see during the game.

So I thought I would show you guys what I was doing while watching the Eagles-Giants Sunday Night game back on September 30th.

For those that are not football fans, some of this might be cryptic. However, everything that is on this blog following this explanation was written on the spot during the game.

Enjoy my mind!

Crazy night
• Winner takes lead of NFC East
o Barring Cowboys on Monday night
• Dawkins retirement
• LeSean McCoy starts slow, then explodes
• Michael Vick struggles still
• Nnamdi bum eye (somehow hurt his eye-Hospital?)
• Brandon Boykin slot corner rookie pains
• Brent Celek continuing his big season
• Dominik Hixon’s massive extension catch over DRC
• Vick finally getting his legs back
• DeSean actually taking the hits now
• Offensive line holding their own
• No turnovers FINALLY
• Lots of pass rushing on both teams
• Same commercials all the time
• Clay Matthews in back-to-back ads
• New punter-who cares
• Why did Cris(Collinsworth) and Al(Michaels)dissect the holding technique of McBriar?
• Nnamdi didn’t go to the hospital
o Playing with a visor now
• Eagles’ stadium still has a prison apparently?
• Is this a different game with a healthy Hakeem Nicks?
• Can Boykin stop Cruz? (I guess not)
• Who can stop Cruz?
o DRC can do that
• Picks off Manning in the red zone
• No sacks through 3 quarters
• Battered and bruised
• Who the hell is Stanley Havili?
• Why doesn’t McCoy start off games that well?
o Mainly a closer?
o Is he good or Eagles’ o-line clutch?
• Is Celek getting better at blocking?
• Why do the Eagles want to use Bryce Brown?
o What is his talent?
o Dion? Polk?
• Vick throwing like a blind man? You’re supposed to be a professional, dude.
o Throwing it away or bad route running?
• First sack of the night with 10 minutes remaining
o Chase Blackburn gets to Michael Vick
• Turnover leads to score
o Not touchdown

• Why the hell was the same ad just played 4 times in a row?
o Is Clay Matthews very hungry?
• Finally the Eagles shut down David Wilson on a kick return
o Aaron Rodgers is not a TV personality
• Clay Matthews maybe
• How secure is Andy Reid?
o Can he keep his job without a Super Bowl victory?
• Nothing like Tapenade and football, together
o Peyton and Deion ads
• Nnamdi likes to tackle ANKLES!!!
• Cris prematurely calling plays
• Giants like their bunch formation
• Eagles don’t like covering Bear Pascoe
• Where has DJax been this season?
o Great game tonight
o First touchdown and a bunch of yardage
• Why don’t the refs call any roughing calls on Vick?
o Always Brady and both Mannings
• A well-officiated game tonight
o No more replacement refs
• How does McCoy stop and start so quickly?
• Vick becoming more clutch than ever
o Leads yet another late drive looking for a victory
• Field goal for Henery
• Gotta hold the Giants
o Boykin able to hold Cruz short of the 1st down
o 4th and 1 is a flagged play
• DRC was grabbed
• Ref only saw DRC grab Barden
• Great defense by Boykin
o Able to tip away 1st down pass intended for Cruz
• Lawrence Tynes’ career long is 53 yards
o Done it twice
• 2nd down is broken up by Nnamdi Asomugha
o very controversial
o However, correct call
• 3rd down and 10
o another incomplete pass
o another penalty
o Pass interference on Nnamdi
• Another bad call
• Another pass interference call
o This time on Barden
• Rung Nnamdi’s neck on 2nd down
• Perfect play by Nnamdi
 Nnamdi was completely tackled
• 2nd and 19
o Another incomplete pass by Eli
• 3rd and 19
o Giants bring Tynes onto the field to kick
o No timeouts for the Giants
o 15 seconds
o the kick is no good
• Andy Reid iced Tynes (Damn)
• Rekick
o Gotta pray here for Eagles fans
• Tynes gets a chance
• Kicks it just short of the goal posts
• Eagles win
o That was very very scary
o Perfectly on target after the first kick was wide right
o Just short of the goal posts
o Nothing but lucky

The crazy thing about that, ladies and gentlemen is that was only the 4th quarter. I have quarter 1-3 as well, but I decided to spare you of my craziness.


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