Demon Geese

It was hot and muggy, just another day in Missouri. The peacocks were calling, the insects were buzzing, and complaints could be heard all around. I remember walking quietly to my next course when several horrified children run past me.

They were screaming “DEMON GEESE!!”


No, not really.

We did have three fairly aggressive geese roaming the camp though. Whenever someone would walk just a tad too close to them those darned birds would start honking and pecking at their feet, occasionally giving actual chase. Sometimes they would ignore the accidental provoker and attack an innocent bystander instead.


Honestly those three geese were sort of cowards. They pretend to be all scary but really they just bluff and honk, I’ve never heard of them actually inflicting damage on any camper.

One of my best friends during camp liked to holler and chase them back to the lake, while I personally liked to slowly wander closer to them until I got them mad. Then I let them chase me around a little until I have to get to my classes.

The honest question here is why are geese always so angry?

Maybe because we don’t take them seriously enough.


3 thoughts on “Demon Geese

  1. I love geese. They can be very loyal, affectionate pets and are beautiful birds. However, they are territorial and as such can be pretty scary. Funny you called this post “demon” geese as we had a lovely goose named Lucy (well, gander it turned out to be) who was renamed Lucifer after taking a few nasty bites out of thebrownguy. But he asked it for it. Smart bird.

  2. I must thank the gander one day for doing what no bird has dared to do…

    The three geese at our camp just seemed extremely grumpy all the time because they were the “joke” of the camp. Many people were still scared of them though.

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