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The Cat that could not

The cat runs and chases the little mouse. It stalks, leaps, and claws at it. It does this not just out of hunger but also for fun. Finally the hunt is over it sinks its fangs into its prize. All … Continue reading

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Beijing Opera.

Beijing Opera, also known as “Peking Opera,” is one of the most representative performing art of Chinese culture. It is the largest Chinese opera form, and is extolled as “Oriental Opera.” Having a history of 160 years, the Beijing Opera is … Continue reading

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Blank Page.

I wrote a poem and left a blank page for thee I started from the very beginning that portrays the excitement of me holding you carefully you were tiny and clean With the cycle of seasons I watch thee from … Continue reading

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What would’ve happened if America didn’t make it out of the government shutdown?

Keep in mind that I’m not wearing a cardboard sign yelling “THE END IS NIGH!” Nor am I a crazy homeless dude that snuck into an Apple Store to write this blog and scare their readers out of their minds. … Continue reading

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The Creepy Crawlies

One of the least appreciated rooms at our camp was the Creepy Crawly Room, located on the second floor of the barn and requires a few twists and turns down an eerie hallway to reach. As the name states, creepy … Continue reading

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Emu Drum Solo

In my summer camp, we had a program called the ASIT program. ASIT stands for “Assistant Specialist in Training,” and they’re basically advanced campers that are between campers and counselors. Many campers become ASITs, but just as many, perhaps more, … Continue reading

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The Intouchables

When I mention the movie “The Intouchables” to someone, they most often hear “The Untouchables.” While I hear good things about “The Untouchables,” I’ve never actually seen it, and I’m sure it couldn’t even compare to “The Intouchables.” “The Intouchables,” … Continue reading

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