A Third Voice for America

United States’ politics are ridiculous.

At the time of the writing of this blog our elected officials have still not approved a budget. While there may be many factors that contribute to this a major one is the United States’ two party political system. Right now the only political parties that can win Presidential elections (and most House and Senate seats) are the Republican and Democratic parties. Unfortunately only having two real choice hurts the voter.

While many Americans would say they are unhappy with both political parties they most often choose what they consider the lesser of two evils (whether that be Republicans or Democrats). An American who votes for a third-party under the current political system is essentially wasting their vote. Third parties in the United States do not have an enough public support to compete with the Republican and Democratic parties. As a result Americans must elect the same elected officials over and over again.

However this can all change.

If Republicans and Democrats keep running this nation into the ground the American people will grow tired of both parties. When that happens other political parties can (and will) rise to power and represent the interests of the many instead of the few.


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