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I’m not really one to get addicted to games like Candy Crush, or Hay Day. I’ll play a phone game every once in a while when I’m bored, or not doing anything. But lately I’ve been playing this game called … Continue reading

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The Dragon Queen

The daughter of Old Valyria With eyes of purple flame And starlight in her hair Targaryen blood The First, the last She rides on onyx wings Queen Across the Water She covets the Iron Throne Three dragons at her back … Continue reading

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Death by Bucking Horse

There was this one horse. His name was Houdini, and he was solid, pure black. I had always wanted to ride Houdini but I was always told that my skill levels weren’t high enough, or that he was too “green.” … Continue reading

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The Importance of Accuracy in Journalism

Accuracy is the most important factor in a piece. All stories should be double checked for facts, sources and quotes in order for them to be believable. Journalists strive for factual stories. Here are some examples of some mistakes: 1- … Continue reading

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My Princess

The first horse I rode in OVS was Urbino. He was an old horse, mainly brown, and very tall. I constantly struggled to put his bit on, as he would always lift his head up above the reach of my … Continue reading

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Equestrianism is Not a Sport… Say Football Players

One of the debates currently coursing through the student body at OVS is between football players and equestrians. The football players seem to think that horse-back riding is not a sport. First of all, I’d like to invite football players … Continue reading

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In the Heart of the Sea

This book combines my two favorite reading subjects: impossible  survival, and the sea. In the Heart of the Sea details the incredible true story of 20 Nantucket whalers in 1821.  Nathaniel Philbrick brilliantly marries careful research, psychology, and biology with a … Continue reading

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