Lies are always prettier than the truth

US Journalist Stephen Glass is a perfect example of how a lie can get so out of proportion and snowball down taking everybody with it.

Stephen was a reporter for the New Republic, where he wrote funny and interesting stories. Until one day, one of his stories called Hack Heaven was being questioned for its authenticity. Glass repeatedly lied about the story, every time insisting it was real. He had reached a point where he truly believed his own lies, but he was busted. He knew lying was useless but he still couldn’t stop.

His constant battle ended with him being fired, but he didn’t go down alone. The New Republic was forced to publicly apologize to the readers and they took legal action against him. It was soon discovered that 27 out of the 41 pieces Stephen wrote for the New Republic were fully or partially fabricated.

Glass was a sociopath and a compulsive liar. His lies got so out of proportion, they became his truth.