Top 4 best Video Games of 2013 so far

2013 is definitely an amazing year for gamers all around the world. This list will not include titles that have not been released yet.

4. Pokemon X and Y

The newest installation of the Pokemon series, X and Y have taken the Pokemon universe to a whole new level. Revamped graphics, new Pokemon, hundreds of hours of gameplay and its new online features have old, competitive and new fans happier than ever.

3. Battlefield 4

It is clear that DICE (game developers) have revolutionized first-person shooters forever. Battlefield brings action-packed infantry and vehicle combat and combines it with crazy destruction, 64 player servers and arguably the best graphics and visuals ever resulting in one of the craziest gaming experiences I have ever seen.

2. Grand Theft Auto Five

The most sold game of 2013, this amazing piece of art reached 1 billion dollars in sales in less than a month. Its compelling story line, engaging gameplay, an open map the size of a city, hundreds of hours of fun and the addition of GTA Online made this game one of the best.

1. The Last of Us

This PlayStation 3 exclusive is definitely one of the best titles to ever be released. Set in a post-apocalyptic “zombie” scenario, this game features a middle-aged survivor named Joel and a fourteen year old girl named Ellie who embark on a horrifying, thrilling and exciting adventure.  This game’s writing and story line is one of, if not the best to ever be released.