What would’ve happened if America didn’t make it out of the government shutdown?

Keep in mind that I’m not wearing a cardboard sign yelling “THE END IS NIGH!” Nor am I a crazy homeless dude that snuck into an Apple Store to write this blog and scare their readers out of their minds. I just seek to answer if the great super power of America could take a plunge into the third world after a mild kick in the knees.

Being realistic, the United States of America would definitely not collapse because of a dispute between the Democrats and Republicans that resembles more of a pout. In the extreme rare case of this not being settled, the USA would land on utter Anarchy.

All government workers would be out of commission due to lack of funding, which means no police, fire department, teachers and it could even go as far as no military. The current government system as it is would have been completely obliterated.

Meanwhile, the world economy would take a great hit considering that the richest and highest consuming country in the world is out of the game.

The Government shutdown could have gone to extreme lengths, like civil war or just flat-out separation into two new countries. But the most plausible thing would be that the UN and the rest of the powers, like China, Russia, UK, France and Germany would determine the future of America.


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