As some of you may know, on March 21st Shailene Woodley is starring in a new film called Divergent. The movie is based on of a book much like The Hunger Games. Only it’s better; at least in my opinion.

While The Hunger Games was definitely amazing, and the allusions to ancient culture were especially remarkable, the book was not quite as good as Divergent. 

Divergent follows the story of a girl who chooses the bravery faction, and follows her throughout her initiation. However, she’s not just a normal person choosing to change factions. She’s divergent, meaning that she could fit into the majority of the factions, and that the system can’t control her.

What ensues is a suspenseful story of an innocent girl learning how to fight and use her head while doing so, venturing into her first romantic encounter, and recognizing the flaws of her society. The book ends as the rebellion kicks off with a bang, but unlike The Hunger Games, the next two books are just as good as the first.

I can not wait for the movie to come out.


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