Across the Country

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With most of my family living on the East Coast while I’m in Oregon, it’s hard to get everyone together and have time to catch up. My sister and I go to New York every summer for about two weeks, where we stay with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

Those two weeks provide endless fun – we go camping, sight-seeing and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also refreshing to escape from my hectic life and relax into a different lifestyle.

However, since my sister and I traveled all the way across the country, we hope to see even more of our family. Through extensive planning, we hold a family reunion, where I see the rest of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. It gets pretty confusing though, for I have two Uncle Dan’s, two Uncle David’s, two Uncle Jeff’s and two Uncle Johns!

During that time we usually go to a park and have a picnic, with lots of good food and great conversation. My sister and I are the reason for the gathering, so I get asked plenty of questions, often repeated and usually pertaining to this school. It lasts for about 4 hours, when everybody then goes their own way and continues on with their life.

My annual short and sweet gathering, and my trip to New York are always a success – I get a chance to see my extended family and I have a wonderful time!


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