Drone Control

Photo Credit: http://www.newsobserver.com

As the 21st century continues to barrel forward, new technology begins to come forth.

One of the newest technological advances is drones.

Yes, they have been around for a while, but usually for recreational or military use. Now, ideas of having drones become more involved in everyday life are becoming more prominent.

Amazon has expressed that they are interested in being one of the first companies to deliver packages to residential areas.

However, this brings up a large list of legalities.

How high can drones fly above someone’s private property? What if someone does not want to have packages delivered by drone? Can a homeowner shoot down the drone if it gets too close for comfort?

A couple of days ago, my mom was outside gardening in our yard. She was going about her business when she heard a loud, buzzing noise. Not knowing what it was, she walked all around our house until she found what the noise was: a drone hovering twenty feet above our roof.

She had never seen a drone in residential areas, and when she told me the story, she was furious, as someone else’s drone was being obnoxious above our property.

My mom is not easily angered, so to see her reaction was shocking. I can’t imagine how the rest of the world would feel about this.

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