Granny Hair

After an eternity of hair turning gray with old age, and years of people dyeing their hair to hide the gray, that pattern has been reversed.

A new fad, commonly referred to as “granny hair” has taken over today’s fashion. No longer do people need to tediously eradicate all signs of gray hair, for now it is in style.

People much younger than the true age of gray hair are ahead of the curve – embracing the color before it becomes a reality. It is considered to be very fashion forward, and more and more people are actually dyeing their hair to achieve the look. Some truly do end up looking elderly, but most sport the look perfectly.

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Celebrities including Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner have adopted the new style, and top fashion designers are also styling their models with gray hair.

This newfound liking for hair that originally meant old age is catching the interest of more and more people each day, and continues to spread through modern fashion.

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