Model Gigi Hadid Criticized for Physically Defending Herself

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While leaving the Max Mara fashion in Milan this week, fashion model Gigi Hadid was attacked by Vitalii Sediuk, a well-known prankster. He came up behind Hadid, grabbed her, and lifted her off the ground. Hadid immediately fought back, elbowing him and trying to get out of Vitalii’s grasp. After this incident occurred, headlines appeared criticizing Hadid’s reaction to the attack. While I never read any of the articles criticizing Hadid for defending herself from an attacker, I did see the controversy on Twitter and it was insane. Many tabloids claimed Hadid lashed out a fan and that her behavior was inappropriate.

Later that night, there were articles about how Hadid flashed her breasts during a fashion show, hours after lashing out at a fan. One headline from The Sun actually read, “NOT MODEL BEHAVIOR, Gigi Hadid aggressively lashes out and ELBOWS fan in the FACE after he tries to pick her up.” Hadid did not lash out at a fan, she defended herself from an attacker. Before these tabloids were criticized for their backwards reaction to the situation, none of the tabloids criticized Vitalii for assaulting Hadid, in fact most didn’t even claim he was in the wrong.

Vitalii is not a fan, he is a man who is known for harassing celebrities. Hadid is not the first celebrity he has attacked, as he seems under the impression he is allowed to grab and violate whomever he likes. Sediuk apparently attacked Hadid because he believes Hadid has no place in the fashion world, and hoped this stunt would encourage companies and magazines to use models with “true talent”. Hadid had every right to defend herself, and Vitalii had no right to grab her and violate her space.

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