Further Proof That Beyoncé is a Higher Being

Photo Credit: Pitchfork

On Saturday, October 15, Beyoncé was performing at her Tidal concert, when her braid got caught on her one of her earrings, and the earring RIPPED OUT OF HER EARLOBE.

Photo Credit: US Weekly

Queen Bey didn’t miss a beat in her dance routine however, and kept performing. Later in the performance, Beyoncé touched her earlobe, saw blood on her fingers, and kept singing in a way so holy you might think you just saw God. Now that’s a real performer.

Either Beyoncé is some sort of higher being, or she has superhuman pain tolerance… Or else everyone’s right and she really is a part of the Illuminati (jokes).

After the concert, fans started the hashtags #CutforBeyoncé and #BleedforBeyonce, which are pretty much just a bunch images featuring cuts and injuries. Do not look it up, I made that mistake.

This concert pretty much just proved, once again, the immense power that is Beyoncé.

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