Writer’s Block

In the beginning, I was like any other person willing to write with anything to get the assignment done, to take the right notes. But that was before…before the Catalyst. But I won’t bore you with that tale of adventure, swashbuckling, and taking down a corrupt regime, instead I’ll tell you this: I don’t lend people pens.

Why, you ask? Because each one was hand chosen and trained for its debut into my pencil case and, since I’m in the throws of a writer’s block, I’m going to tell you about them.

The first and most important: the .38 black and blue pens used for essentially everything.

Photo Credit: Muji

The second and still very important: the .5 gel is smear prone but very good for headings.

Photo Credit: Muji

The third and only partially important: highlighters. Red for particularly aggressive information, blue for everything else.

Photo Credit: stationerysaturday.com

The fourth and really not that important: post-it tabs for annotations that are just so good they ought to be remembered.

Photo Credit: coloribus.com

The fifth and sixth and seventh not important at all: Pencil, eraser, and ruler. Their there for show or the “in case” moment, they’re not even really worth a photo.

Hope you enjoyed.

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