Haven’t met you yet

I know who the love of my life is. But I haven’t met him yet.

I know that he will love music and maybe play the guitar and we’ll both know how to speak Spanish. He will want to travel the world and he will care about conserving resources and the environment.

He’ll be intelligent and insightful and probably a democrat.

My parents will love him and he will get along with my brothers.

When I ask him to go on a road trip at 2 P.M. on a Saturday he will pack a bag and we’ll be driving by 3. He’ll like being outside. He’ll be good at climbing trees.

image via pinterest.com

We will have long discussions about the fate of the world and we’ll never get bored. He’ll know exactly what to say and exactly what not to say.

He will love the beach and will make me laugh until I cry.

We will listen to each other. He will dance with me in the living room, even if there’s no music.

I don’t know his name and I don’t know exactly what he looks like.

But I know he’s out there. I just hope he finds me, and that I’m the one he’s looking for.

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