love is no match for the rolling hills of time

It was one of those situations

right people wrong time

she was young-maybe 12

head over heals in love

awkward smile awkwardly tall

not his type

he was almost 14

into the older girls

the curves and the polished skin

so she settled for friendship

and friends they were

the towering mountains were their play ground

and the horses they rode weren’t horses

they were carriages that they could beckon at any moment

they laughed together as children at baby cows and the absurd amount of men is Speedo’s who were the raining species on the river that flowed in their hills

and they also cried together as teenagers about broken hearts and the fact that life was passing them by too quickly

their untouchable and unchainable wonderland was slowly being corrupt with life’s responsibilities

the two met one day, down by the river, days away from the girls 15th birthday

she told him about a boy, who made her laugh and who made her nervous, in a good way, when he walked by

that night when the now almost 17 year old boy went home and thought long and hard about how that awkward little girl is not so awkward anymore-she was quite pretty actually… he had never noticed

but time still drew on

and as he reached out for a hand that had been extended out to him for so long he found himself with nothing to grab

from there the wonderland became obsolete, almost unobtainable with their new found past times

but the two still travel the wonderland in their minds

relishing in the pure happiness and ignorant bliss that floated around simultaneously with the oxygen

he knew that she loved him, but she never knew that he feel for her too

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