Saying Goodbye

There comes a point in time where the statement goodbye becomes more real than before. When the word becomes final, rather than something you would say when parting ways with a fellow person. It becomes the end of something, a lot of times the end of life.

So why does that word feel so light and lose for something so stark and final. When using goodbye in terms of death, it is hard to comprehend the finality of the situation.

I recently had to say goodbye, but use it in its most final form. It does not feel real, it does not give justice to the situation at hand. A life lost, and all you can think of it is as a final goodbye.

All the memories, feelings, and life that person had in them. Their spirit and being as a whole, it all ends in goodbye.

I still feel that the there is something missing and something else I need to say. But instead it is just goodbye…

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