Recently, I started watching Loki, the Marvel Miniseries. Of these four miniseries that have come out, Loki is by far my favorite. Although all of these shows deal with very tangible real-world problems such as succession, loss of a loved one, inclusion, and facing failure. However, Loki easily has been the one that made me think the hardest a show has made me think in a while. Basically, without spoiling it, Loki gets arrested by a bureaucratic organization called the TVA(Time Variance Authority) that deals with variants which are basically just people that mess up the timeline.

The TVA and their employees all blindly follow the time keepers as they believe they are the highest power in the world as they protect the timeline and created everyone in the TVA. However, Loki raises the question “but then who created the Time Keepers?” and his agent responded with something along the lines of “if you keep thinking about the origin of everything you’ll go insane”. The thing is, even in our world, that statement is equally true.

I mean if we just take the two most popular theories, that there was some sort of singular being or legion of beings created the universe OR that some random explosion came out of literally nothing, catalyzing the creation of the universe. Even though I’m more of a science kinda guy than a believer of deities, both theories are completely unbelievable. First of all, what kind of sentient being has even half the mental capability to create an entire universe that’s so big that human’s just deem it to be ‘infinite’. IF that is true than whose theory is true? There are thousands upon thousands of different theories on who or what created us and who knows which one could even scratch the surface. And even if there was such a being then something would have to have created that being too, one even smarter and even more capable of creating such a complex existence.

Then there’s the theory that some explosion just happened out of nowhere, and even though that’s the one that I prefer to believe, that one is also a whole lotta B.S. I mean there is literally no way that something can come out of nothing it’s impossible. Something had to have been there to catalyze the reaction but then what was that something? I mean at this point, it’s just as possible to think that we live in some simulation or that we’re just stuck in a never ending time loop of our universe blowing up to create itself and then blowing up to destroy itself.

As humans, we are prone to question everything, to have the answers for everything. But the origin of everything is an impossible question to answer, and that’s why we have so many theories. We seek refuge from our own ignorance with whatever answer we can come up with, and the longer we stay in the dark, the more convoluted the discussion becomes.

Art Credit : Giovanni Di Paolo di Grazia, The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradise

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