The Moral Code

What is right or wrong in the world? Who decides why people harbor certain emotions and reactions to anything? Who designs the moral code? If I were to kill a person, many people would agree that I am inherently a bad person. Why is that? I understand there is a uniqueness to life, and I would never want to kill another person, but in my mind nothing actually has any true consequence or meaning. So why can people decipher what is right or wrong. Its a real mind-fuck to be honest, and there really isn’t an answer. I suppose I’ll have to decide my morals as they are questioned, hopefully I choose right.

Seven moral rules found all around the world

An astronomical waste of time

There are many things in this world that can be done to waste time and have little to no value. Personally, my favorite one to do is video games, because of the need to learn how to play the games that I play it takes a while sometimes to get my grip and actually learn how to play the game and be good at it. For example, one game that for a while I had a lot of fun playing was Apex Legends (a battle royale). I primarily played Apex because I enjoyed the mechanics and it was a game that many of my friends played at the time that I was engulfed in it. But shockingly I actually have played more time in a game called Valorant, yes I have played a game more than my 131 hours in Apex. That game that falls under my extreme amount of hours is Valorant boasting 156.5 hours of playtime. Even with all the large amount of hours in the game, I’m still not very great at it but it’s fun and I like to play it with friends making it an enjoyable activity. Though it is enjoyable it is a pretty solid waste of time in the grand scheme of things. I could be drawing or doing schoolwork while it was wasting my time relaxing. But Id suggests gaming to anyone anyways because of the laughs and the hype that you get when you do well in-game.

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