My Bottom 3 Animes

As embarrassing as it is for me to say, I have seen over eighty animes. Yes, I hate myself. But, I am qualified to critique animes, especially the ones that suck. In most of the animes, I have two similar problems. Ok, three if you count the weird incest stuff and blatant sexualization of middle-schoolers. But plotwise my main problems are either a massive plot with no lore and context or a very dark plot that doesn’t deal with it in a dark way. Sure whatever I know I was spoiled by Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and Vinland Saga and that’s just how some animes are but I don’t care. I also get really annoyed with bad or shortened endings which you may see me rant about here and there. Now, these aren’t exactly my least favorite animes, most crap animes are just way too boring. So much so I can’t even write about it. Instead, here I have some memorable animes that did something critically wrong.

First, we’ll start with a smoking hot take. Sword Art Online deserves none of the hype it gets. Sure I enjoyed it a lot when I started, but eventually, it got mind-numbingly boring and became an incestual cesspool throughout the second season. I mean in what world does a girl falling in love with her brother in real life and in a video game make any contributions to the plotline? Not only that, but Kirito is just casually given the power to duel wield swords? Which don’t get me wrong is definitely a cool power for the SAO universe, but at least give us a reason to why he has it or show us him getting it. It’s really a failure of storytelling and kind of relies on horny fan service so I’ll give it a solid G- for a good idea but too horny and inconsistent for me.

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Seven Deadly Sins is in a similar boat as SAO for me. Part of the reason I really didn’t enjoy this anime was that I watched it in dub and Meliodas’ voice is the same as both the Blue Exorcist MC and young Eren Jaeger. Until he grew up, Eren was an insanely annoying character for me. So when you add Eren’s voice to a small blonde boy who inexplicably looks 12 and has the accumulative power of every Greek God combined there’s not much to like. And no I will not take “he’s a demon” for an answer. Not only that but this fool is eternally bound to some random girl who is cursed to be reborn over and over again. And all this fool does is grope her like what the hell is this? Honestly, Seven Deadly Sins was a perfectly good anime. It has great supporting characters and every fight scene is very interesting, but I cannot handle Meliodas and Liz it’s quite literally excruciating to listen to/watch. Solid S+ for stop groping unsuspecting women in anime PLEASE.

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It was honestly pretty tough to decide the last one for the chopping block, so I’ll do an anime that I enjoyed but at the same time am very very disappointed with. Gangsta was quite the hopeful anime for me. It has honestly one of the more interesting plot lines and character creation I’ve seen in anime for a while. The characters are all very tangible and relatable, they give all the major characters and some of the minor ones pretty compelling backstories. But to me, that’s the main problem. Gangsta is standard short-length for an anime (about 12 episodes) and it is way too little time to provide full character backstories and a coherent plotline. Which they provide much more of the former than the latter. For the most part, until the end, the story is mildly interesting. There are some really exciting moments and character introductions, but they never elaborate and give them the screen time they deserve. I mean the other main character doesn’t even get any screen time in the last episode and neither of the other interesting characters gets any as well. The show just ends by killing off the less interesting main character and that’s it. Like they didn’t even give enough time to kill off the rest of the cast. At least give me a good ending. Solid E- for extend the show a little, please.

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