The Dolphin Slaughter of Taiji

Sea Shepherd is a non-profit organization that was established in 1977, and continues to support marine wildlife conservation today. The SSCS (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) uses direct-action tactics to take action and expose illegal acts in the open sea, such as destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans.

The organization is currently running a campaign called “Cove Guardians”, a Taiji dolphin defense campaign that is now in action in Japan. This campaign has volunteers going out to a place called the cove, filming and documenting throughout the dolphin hunt season, when about 20,000 dolphins, small whales and porpoises are killed each year.

The Taiji campaign aims to end the unnecessary hunt, and achieve permanent freedom for the dolphins and small whales of Japan.


Officer-Involved Shootings in 2014

The Los Angeles Times is a source to the public that provides news stories, media stories, and something called the Homicide Report. The Homicide Report is a blog/database that can help people find entries on certain homicide reports by category. The category options are: “race/ethnicity,” “gender,” “cause,” “officer-involved/not officer-involved,” and “year.”

In the year of 2014, there have been several controversial officer-involved shootings. Many of these have been directed towards black or hispanic victims. Officer-involved shootings have occurred in places like Bellflower, CA., Florence, SC., Inglewood, CA., Compton, CA. and, as many have heard recently, Ferguson, MO.

Within the Homicide Report database, there are twenty-two deaths in 2014 that fit the guidelines of a black or latino male killed in an officer-involved shooting. Switch those categories to a white male killed in an officer-involved shooting? Three deaths. Coincidence? I think not. Many of the officers reported in these shootings have been white as well. With facts like these, it’s difficult not to think of these deaths as acts of bias reasoning or racism.

After the death of Michael Brown on a Sunday at 2:15, unarmed and shot multiple times, news announcer Lawrence O’Donnell conducted an interview with eyewitness Tiffany Mitchell on what she saw that day.

During this interview Mitchell brings up the point that cop cars should, and most do, have operating dashboard cameras that could have, in this situation, captured some footage that could confirm what happened. When Mitchell points this out, O’Donnell seems to change and disregard the subject. A little suspicious maybe?

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man