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It’s here! Graduation!

(Photo Credit: It’s here!… Wait… What? Our class is graduating from high school? That’s not possible, I thought the year just started? Yes guys, graduation is finally here and this is the last blog I am going to write … Continue reading

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End of an era

(Photo Credit: ) Looking back five years, I still remember when I first stepped on campus at Ojai Valley School as an 8th grader. Fear of the uncertain filled my heart; I didn’t know what to expect and what challenges … Continue reading

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The End of a Chapter

(Photo Credit: ) Four years have passed since the class of 2017 entered high school as freshmen. Four years later, it’s the last few weeks of our senior year, the last few weeks in high school. Graduation looms around … Continue reading

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How have video games impacted modern culture?

1.2 billion people identify as gamers. Currently, 700 million people are playing right now. 46% are female and the rest male. Females tend to like games such as word games, puzzles, dress-up, and ones where you care for pets, while males tend … Continue reading

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Working at McDonald’s

Most of the young people who have just graduated college are trying to find jobs to get experience. There is one place to work where they teach teamwork and how to be a leader. That place is called McDonald’s, which may be surprising … Continue reading

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Video games – could they be a sport?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding whether Electronic sports, or E-sports, as it’s called, should be considered a sport. Competitive video gaming has seen immense growth in the past 10 years, as technology has allowed companies to make better and more immersive … Continue reading

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Where am I from? Where do I belong?

I am an international student who has learned the ways of three different cultures. The country where I born doesn’t match my passport. My ancestors came from China, but World War II tore them away from their homeland and brought them to the island … Continue reading

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