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For the girls: a few questions. Isn’t it exhausting? Exhausting to have a standard already set for what makes a woman beautiful? Everywhere you look, you see a beautiful girl with beautiful hair, skin, and eyes, a beautiful smile and … Continue reading

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A Barbie doll

A Barbie doll is perfect: you can see it all over her. She has lots of friends, it seems. the list of names grows each day. With every new season comes a new friend for Barbie, and also a new … Continue reading

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A Valuable Education

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first definition of the word education is “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” If you asked high school students what the point of going to school … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Personal Growth

A letter to my current and future self. Recently I have been doing some self-reflection. I’ve found a few things that I want to work on, so maybe writing them out will help me incorporate them into my daily life. … Continue reading

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The End of a Chapter

(Photo Credit: Spreadshirtmedia.com ) Four years have passed since the class of 2017 entered high school as freshmen. Four years later, it’s the last few weeks of our senior year, the last few weeks in high school. Graduation looms around … Continue reading

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Laziness is in my genes

Looking around school, a workplace, or on the street, you may find some people who are incredibly lazy, some seemingly addicted to exercise, and others addicted to food. For certain people there is a strong correlation between genes and how active, lazy, or … Continue reading

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Letter to Kimye’s Baby

On Saturday night, the second Kimye baby was brought into the world. At the time I am writing this the name of this baby boy is still unknown, but I really hope that his name is Easton because duh. Although … Continue reading

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