A Letter to Past Generations

Dear people of the past,

I am one person out of millions. I may be small, but my voice will not be silenced. We will no longer be silenced by beliefs made centuries ago.

We will not be silenced by beliefs that are killing innocent lives, or by the beliefs that are discriminating against the people who are finally becoming proud of who they are.

We are the new generation. We are the millennials, the Gen. Z kids, and the generations to come, and we are proud of ourselves for the world we’re determined to create.

We may be young, and we may not know everything about the world, but we are still learning, still improving, and we are definitely still fighting.

We are strong

We are resilient.

And we are powerful.

But we aren’t defined by adjectives; we are the future. In just a few years, most of us will be given the power to vote, and we will remember when you ignored our pleas.

Photo Credit: ABC News.

You ignored our pleas for equal rights, our pleas to not feel afraid to walk into our schools, our pleas for an equal opportunity you pride your country over yet fail to fulfill.

We will remember what you refused to give us, and we will take it ourselves.

The years will come, and the world will become ours. Not just for one percent of us, but for everyone.

A world where students can walk into their schools without the fear that they’d never walk out.

A world where people are free to love who they wish to.

A world where people are judged by their personality or by what they bring to the world. Not by the color of their skin, or their preference of who they love.

So remember this

We may be young,

But we are angry.

And you can try silence us, but we will rise, and we will scream louder than ever.


Having a Conversation

A boy thought he was good at persuading for his age.

He almost always succeeded to change his friends’ disagreeing opinions, so he had been satisfied with his persuasion skills.

However, as time went by, he could see people not changing their opinions in his favor although he still had good reasonings.

Looking back and thinking carefully, he could figure out why.

He was not actually persuading them.

He succeeded to change their opinions but failed to change their minds.

The people could feel him being indifferent to their opinions.

He would only listen to their opinions to find the holes in them, to prove their errors.

He talked to them on the premise that his thoughts were right.

He was not having a conversation with them. He was giving them lectures and forcing his ideas into them, which no one asked for.

PC: http://sourcefed.com/how-do-you-argue/

In your life, you are the main character. You’re the protagonist, the hero, the heroine. However, you are just a passerby in others’ lives.

Whether an opinion is right or not depends on what perspective we see it from. An absolute idea in history can be the most ridiculous thing in the future; someone might not like what I like; a homeless person can be happy while a girl thinks him to be unhappy.

No one can guarantee the future, and not one opinion is absolutely right. Therefore, the point of conversations lies on sharing different ideas.

So, why even bother to talk to people if you know that you will not consider their ideas as an option and only emphasize your idea again and again?

In fact, you are bothering them.



It’s a snake. She’s black too, but the kind of black the night sky is. She’s dark. She’s vivid. She’s powerful.

She’s real. She can never leave you, and sometimes, you want her to leave you. She can be your strength, and she can be your weakness.

She speaks your mind when you lose it, she’s there when your sibling’s a bother, she’s there when you don’t understand something.

She fights. She will fight hard, and when you think she’s done fighting, she will fight even more.

Her enemy is Conscience. Conscience makes her mad, and Conscience makes her strong. She fights Conscience with all she has.

The longer she fights, the less control she possesses. She looses herself in an effort to protect, she grows stronger and out of control.

Fangs, venom, whipping tail, flared hood, she fights Conscience and eventually she fights you. Your body turns from heavy to angry.

She is Anger. Anger must be held back. She must be held back. Nothing can hold back Anger.

She rises, hissing, spitting, glowing, menacing, fighting Conscience and fighting you. She’ll fight you and everyone and everything around you.


Her Anger will infect you.


You will be a danger to be around.


You can’t fight fire with fire. You must drown it with water.

Imagine never finding water.

Defeated Again

Once I again I walked off of another teams field not feeling the great feeling of victory

This past weekend the team traveled up to Los Olivos, CA to compete against the Dunn Earwigs on their parents weekend, just as we did last year.

We went into the game with high hopes, and a new play series that we had worked on all week.

We arrived at the school, and right of the bat the day was not going as planned.

Somehow the ball bag was left back at school, some 2 hours away.

We did not have our own game balls, or our own kicking tee.

We put that aside and made do, and went into our pre game routine of bananas, pretzels, and stretching.

Our Defensive Coordinator John Wickenhaeuser had dome some research that bananas and pretzels before a game does the body good if that comment seemed a little odd.

During our warm ups that same nauseous feeling returned, and I was once again off my game.

I even tried to take medicine to make this feeling go away, but it is clear that it is nerves, and I just need to be hit a few times so that I don’t think about it as much.

When the game started Dunn quickly scored their first touchdown, and we weren’t too worried, that happens in the game of football.

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Worst Person in Sports #20-Juan Castillo

As many of you readers may recall, I spent an awful lot of time trashing Juan Castillo, defensive coordinator of my beloved Eagles, last season. Now, he’s back with an even more atrocious act than simply calling the wrong formations.

First round pick Fletcher Cox was criticized by Castillo during the team’s rookie minicamp. I’m not talking about a playful criticism or a little teasing to haze the rookies. I’m talking full on cursing him out. The kid is brand new to the squad, and you’re gonna start yelling at him? Probably not the right approach.

Honestly, Cox handled it like a seasoned pro, only responding with “Yes sir, I’m gonna correct it, sir.” and “I know sir, I apologize.”

Class act for a rookie, if I do say so. As an athlete myself, I should explain that when a coach gets hard on you, it’s nothing personal. It’s for an athlete to recognize a mistake and correct it themselves.

My one massive issue with this was that Cox had no idea what he did wrong, and apparently Castillo failed to explain it. That’s just bad coaching. I always appreciate when a coach has something to criticize about my style of play. I always welcome that kind of criticism. But tell the kid what he did wrong, Juan!!!!

It’s the only way he’s gonna be able to get any better. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being a team’s first round pick.

The Past is in the Past

It’s true. Sometimes, we just have to let go.

Life is a learning process. Learning about our limits, our purpose, our favorite types of candy, our soul mate, our best friends. We have been learning from the very beginning. We absorb the most knowledge in the first five years in our life. We learn how to recognize faces. We learn how to walk. We learn to smile when we are happy and frown when we are not. We learn from experience, from our mistakes.


But we also learn about avarice, heartache, anger, prejudice, hatred, poverty, and murder. And through the years and our experiences, these unwanted emotions begin to build, some changing us for the better, others blinding us from the positive things in life.

That is why I love this quote so much.

We must leave the past in the past. I am not saying that we must forget about our past completely. No. That would be unwise at the least; the past is what defines us and makes us individuals. It is our past that helps us learn and grow. But it is equally important to learn to move on, recognize our faults, and realize that tomorrow is different from yesterday and even today.

Leaving the past behind may be the hardest part, but life should not be bogged down by our past but rather influenced and benefitted from it.


So, I was working on my post, slaving away (ok not really) at my blog, and suddenly, out of nowhere, “BAM!”

Its gone. : (

“Where is it? Where is it? No, no, no, it has to come back!” I cried as I attempted to revive the last of my blog that I was attempting to finish right before the end of studyhall.

I tried to exit out quickly in order to block the computer’s memory (ok, so maybe it doesn’t work that way) and in panice I cried out to my classmate Bill, “Bill! Bill! Come here!” Unfortunately, even his genius brain could not solve the problem.

My blog was simply DELETED.

And so I sat in my chair with a scowl and a sigh, but then suddenly realized that if this is the worst thing that has happened to me throughout this whole week, I guess I am pretty darn lucky.

Sometimes I feel that these moments of frustration and pouting are necessary, in order to remind me just how lucky I am.

Although cliche as it may be, these are the moments when I imagine starving children across the nations, and people living in wars and terror across the globe. I imagine people who are losing their loved ones, or undergoing the worst of hardships, and then I realize that these few minutes of pouting is a waste of time compared to what I could be doing.

So instead I turned my attention to fundraising ideas for student council relief funds. I may not have made an immediate life changing impact for anyone, but I know I am spending my time productively in order to soon directly help those less fortunate around the globe.
Everyone should recognize just how lucky they are, and realize that sometimes it takes a hardship for us to recognize the good things in our lives.