Defeated Again

Once I again I walked off of another teams field not feeling the great feeling of victory

This past weekend the team traveled up to Los Olivos, CA to compete against the Dunn Earwigs on their parents weekend, just as we did last year.

We went into the game with high hopes, and a new play series that we had worked on all week.

We arrived at the school, and right of the bat the day was not going as planned.

Somehow the ball bag was left back at school, some 2 hours away.

We did not have our own game balls, or our own kicking tee.

We put that aside and made do, and went into our pre game routine of bananas, pretzels, and stretching.

Our Defensive Coordinator John Wickenhaeuser had dome some research that bananas and pretzels before a game does the body good if that comment seemed a little odd.

During our warm ups that same nauseous feeling returned, and I was once again off my game.

I even tried to take medicine to make this feeling go away, but it is clear that it is nerves, and I just need to be hit a few times so that I don’t think about it as much.

When the game started Dunn quickly scored their first touchdown, and we weren’t too worried, that happens in the game of football.

Sadly they kept coming with the touchdowns, and we ended the first have of the game down by 30 points.

Unfortunately I had very little control over this as I was taken out of the game during the second quarter.

I went for a tackle, and my arm was pushed back.

My shoulder was killing me and numbness shot down my arm so I signaled for a sub after the play was whistled dead.

In retrospect I wished I had not mentioned it and just played through the pain, although not the smartest idea, but when I came of I was sat down and told not to move my arm.

I was in pain at that point, but just really wanted to be out with my boys.

My pads were taken off and I had to sit on the bench and watch my team getting beat while I sat idly by.

I got up and walked over to our Athletic Director Craig Floyd, and asked if I could take the ice off and get back in the game.

I was answered with a finger pointing back at the bench, and the word just wait.

I asked if I could be seen at the half and he said yes.

Before the half Mr. Floyd walked over to me told me to stand up and he put my shoulder through some tests.

I had mobility of my arm, and although it was a little sore and tender I know I could have played.

After checking me out he looked at me and said the two words you never want to here during a game, “you’re done.” I looked back at him with a confused, angry, and upset look, and said, “really, like for the day I’m done,” he replied with a yes and I walked off with tears of anger in my eyes.

I could not hold them back and began to cry.

While it may seem that a football player should not cry, I promise you it is not true.

What I did not mention was that I had been having a rough couple previous games, not playing to the best of my ability, and this game I had really stepped up, and was playing better than I have so far.

I penetrated their offense almost every play, disrupted their plans, and even created a loss of yards when tackling a small little running back who chose the wrong guy to cross while holding the ball.

I was so upset that I was hurt, but not hurting, that I walked across the the adjacent field, and just let it out.

My father walked over to console me and I shrugged him off.

Nobody was going to reason with me, all I wanted to do was play.

I begged to be put in, but was told no, it’s not worth it.

At this point in the game it was clear that winning was unlikely and that I should not risk ending my season early for a game that wasn’t going to turn out well anyways.

I tried to tell myself that, so I fought from the sidelines.

I cheered for my boys as loud as I could, and pat them on the helmet and offered high fives when they walked off after plays.

I did what I could to make best of the situation.

It bothered me to stand by watching my team get beat, in a game I thought to be a winnable game.

It is clear that we are a second half team because we out up 22 points in the second half, which was a running clock, so it was more like a third quarter.

Had we had more time, we could have pulled through, but we go into another week of practice, knowing that we have two more games, and they are at home.

We cannot be embarrassed on our own field again, I do not want it to happen.

We will practice this week, and go into this weekends game against Orcutt Academy with a thirst for victory.

We need to put another “W” up on the boards, and show all they nay sayers that we are not a joke, and we are not just a team that you can make fun of.

We mean business and we are here to play.

Please come out and support this weekend.

The more support we get the more fun it is to play.

Hopefully next week you will all be reading about a victory, but until then keep our team in your thoughts, and just keep your fingers crossed that this weekend will end well for out team.

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