Rain Rain, Please Don’t Go Away

It finally rained the other day .

After having so many hot days, I was really ready for the weather to cool down, and to let the water fall from the sky.

There was talk of rain over last weekend weekend, and in the beginning of the week, and I was skeptical that it would actually happen.

There was between a 20-40 percent chance, but with less than 50% chance, the earth still made it happen.

Thursday started off clear and I was worried that this one rainy day was going to be just a cold day, where I was looking to the sky hoping for rain.

Soon enough it began to rain a little after noon.

I was standing outside and felt a light drizzle.

I returned back indoors and just as the door shut behind me, it is as if the skies opened and the heavens rained down upon the ground.

Rain drops the size of the tip of my thumb began to pound down on the roof of the classrooms making a large booming noise.

I couldn’t wait to step outside and feel the rain pouring down on top of me.

Every year I hope for the rainy season to be more extreme than every hoping for large crashes of thunder and big bolts of lightning.

While I did not get my lightning the thunder did happen a little later in the day.

It rained hard for about an hour, just as if the sky’s faucet was left on and running, I never wanted it to stop.

Ultimately it died down, and a light drizzle persisted until around 4, and then the clouds opened a bit to let the dreaded sunlight back through.

I was hoping that the big dark storm cloud would come back around, but it left me wanting, and never gave me what I wished for.

I had hoped for some more on Friday, but that did not happen although it does look like it could, with the dark grey clouds hovering over the valley.

Now this week it should be back up into the high 80s and 90s and I will go back to being sad, as I walk around sucking in dry hot air.

Soon enough I will get my weather back.

This year, fingers crossed, will be nice and wet, with plenty of thunder and lighting mixed in.

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