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Warmth of the Cold

I love fall. The sheer aesthetic of sitting by a window with warm glowing string lights, drinking some sort of hot tea, surrounded with the smell of books. The fact that it is finally cold enough to be wearing wool … Continue reading

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East Coast Weather vs. West Coast Weather

            It is almost Halloween, Thanksgiving is only a month away, and fall has technically been in full swing since September 22. Yet, last week it was almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of … Continue reading

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It is now mid October, and IT’S STILL SUNNY AND WARM IN OJAI. This irritates me to no end, which means this post will be a long rant. In Ojai, and pretty much all of Southern California, three of our … Continue reading

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Some Love for Rainy Days

There’s a certain thing I love about rainy days. Being able to take the day off to snuggle under a mountain of blankets and pillows. Breaking into the food cabinet for hot chocolate and marshmallows. Making a batch of warm, … Continue reading

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Warm Winters

From my experience, California winters are nothing like actual winters.  With highs of 100 degrees and lows of 70 degrees, this weather resembles summer more than anything other season. I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and it’s pretty chilly. Around this time … Continue reading

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Hot or Cold?

The weather in Ojai compared to Portland is insanely different, and is treated in contrasting ways as well. It is so cold in Portland and so hot in Ojai, that whenever the weather crosses over into unknown territory, people react in … Continue reading

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No Chill

Although I knew California was hot, by choosing to go to school here I didn’t think I signed up for a 75 degree November. Already insanely hot during the summer months, I was looking forward to it cooling down leading … Continue reading

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