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Dear Netflix

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE, EATING DISORDERS Dear Netflix, Please stop making shows/ movies about mental illness willy-nilly. Coming from a girl with clinical depression and anxiety, your depictions never get it right. I’m a sucker for any entertainment, especially your notoriously … Continue reading

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Rhinestones, Studs, and Designer Bags

Fashion. Fashion is like a sin. It’s an art form–a method of self-expression and distinction. It can empower you, release you, bemuse you. Fashion is meant to mesmerize and provoke. It’s wonderful. But it also comes at a price. Now … Continue reading

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I always thought of my cousin (Let’s call her Cousin for the sake of her privacy) as a small, slightly pudgy girl with a big smile. She always trailed behind my eleven other cousins, my big brother, and me while … Continue reading

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It is unfortunate, a tragedy. Girls and boys everywhere are put under a microscope, dissected and torn apart with no mercy. They are tormented because they are different. Because they aren’t skinny enough. Because they’re wardrobe consists of mostly black. … Continue reading

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